Case 1: True Blue Scootaloo

Written by ZeusAssassin


Case 1: True Blue Scootaloo

  1. Investigation Phase 1
  2. Interrogations vs. Apple Bloom and Rarity
  3. Getting Into the Clubhouse
  4. Confrontation vs. Scootaloo
  5. Investigation Phase 2
  6. Acquiring the Search Warrant
  7. Examining the Caverns
  8. Confrontation vs. Case 1 Culprit

In the middle of the night, mysterious figures entered the Carousel Boutique and stole a large, sapphire gemstone known by Rarity as the True Blue. Opal has been reported to be missing as well. Scootaloo was spotted at the scene of the crime, making her the prime suspect. Will Twilight Sparkle be able to clear Scootaloo’s name and find the true culprit?


YELLOW words are pieces of evidence to pick up, new profiles, or partners gained after a conversation.
RED words are the answers to interrogations, evidence prompts, and confrontation topics.
GREEN words indicate hidden pieces of evidence or updates to existing evidence.
PURPLE words indicate topics to ask a character.

1. Investigation Phase 1

After the initial cutscene, the game begins outside of the Carousel Boutique. Read through the opening scene to learn more about what’s going on and click through Pinkie Pie’s tutorials if you have them activated. Once you regain control of Twilight, click on the TIRE TRACKS first. The camera will zoom in and you’ll add some WHITE HAIR to the evidence stash.

Pinkie Pie will explain evidence combination at this point, so let’s do what she says. Combine the WHITE HAIR and the TIRE TRACKS and receive an update to the WHITE HAIR, indicating that this was likely the cause of the riders swerve. The owner of this hair is still unknown. TIRE TRACKS is removed from the evidence tab. Before moving on, make sure you grab the STAR SHAPED OBJECT on the grass near the tire tracks and broken window.

While you are probably tempted to go talk to Rarity now, there is still one more important piece of evidence to find. Head left to exit the crime scene and end up at the bridge between town square and the carousel boutique. Cross the bridge and look near a bush to find the TORN CAPE SHRED. Now, head back across the bridge and talk to Rarity.

Go ahead and talk about LAST NIGHT. You’ll quickly realize that Rarity is hesitant to talk more about it, leading to the first locked topic of the game. Don’t worry about it for now and ask about WHAT WAS STOLEN. Upon it’s completion, you’ll gain OPAL’S PROFILE. Next, present the TORN CAPE SHRED to Rarity, unlocking the topic FIXING THE CAPE. Complete this topic to unlock access to Town Square.

Before you run off to the new area, return to investigation mode and get ready to combine some more evidence! Combine the WHITE HAIR with OPAL’S PROFILE to deduce the owner of the hair. WHITE HAIR is updated, stating it is likely from the missing cat, Opalescence. Now, go ahead and run to Town Square by going left through two screens.

2. Interrogations vs. Apple Bloom and Rarity

At Town Square, a small cutscene will play before control is given back to you. Move Twilight towards the center of the area and find Apple Bloom. The first topic will automatically begin once you begin talking to her, granting you SCOOTALOO’S PROFILE at the end. You’ll notice that the THE CMC topic has been checked, which is normal. Next, click on RARITY’S SITUATION. This will unlock the first interrogation of the game entitled, LAST NIGHT.

After going through another tutorial, you’ll be faced with a testimony consisting of 5 statements. To clear it, you’ll need to present the CMC CAPE SHRED to Apple Bloom on the 4th statement. Apple Bloom will admit that she was at the bridge and saw something, unlocking the LAST NIGHT topic for questioning.

Upon clicking on the question, Apple Bloom will clam up once more, provoking the first evidence prompt of the game. She’s protecting somepony, and that somepony is obviously SCOOTALOO. You’ll soon learn what the CMC were up to that night and how Scootaloo was indeed found fleeing from the Carousel Boutique. SCOOTALOO’S PROFILE will record this new revelation. You’ll also receive APPLE BLOOM’S TESTIMONY. It’s time to unlock that pesky locked topic from before with Rarity, so race back to the Carousel Boutique!

When you reach Rarity, present SCOOTALOO’S PROFILE to her. This will unlock her LAST NIGHT topic, so click through that conversation, which will unlock the second interrogation of the case. This one is six statements long and requires the power of some combined evidence to solve. The piece of evidence you need here is the twicely updated WHITE HAIR, which must be presented against the sixth and last statement.

Listen through the following conversation for a bit, and Twilight will be faced with a multiple choice question about what to question Rarity on about last night. The correct question to ask here is “DO YOU LOCK YOUR DOOR EACH NIGHT?” This will clear the interrogation once and for all, and update SCOOTALOO’S PROFILE with some new information. The game will prompt you that Sweet Apple Acres has been unlocked, so make your way there first by heading back to Town Square.

3. Getting Into the Clubhouse

Upon reaching Town Square, Rainbow Dash will enter the scene and surprise Twilight for a quick cutscene. Talk with Rainbow Dash after the scene, and you’ll run into another locked topic known as SCOOTALOO’S WHEREABOUTS. There’s nothing you can do about it for now, so continue your way towards your original destination by heading to the west exit of Town Square, which will drop you at the edge of Sweet Apple Acres, home of the CMC clubhouse.

Sweetie Belle is the lone guardian of this clubhouse, triggering a small cutscene. She is the only witness you can talk to, so talk to her. After the automatic introduction conversation, entitiled MEETING WITH APPLE BLOOM, go ahead and grill her about THE CLUBHOUSE, which will reveal another locked topic that we can’t solve yet. To proceed, you need to present the item the CMC were looking for since the night of the crime, which was is the STAR SHAPED OBJECT. Upon hearing about the significance of the object from Sweetie Belle, it will update into the RIBBON, with a little note saying that Scootaloo received it from Rainbow Dash. Leave Sweet Apple Acres for now and head back to Rainbow Dash.

When you reach her in Town Square, present the newly acquired RIBBON to her to unlock SCOOTALOO’S WHEREABOUTS. Go ahead and question her about this topic. After hearing about Scootaloo’s and RD’s touching backstory prior to this crime, you will receive RAINBOW DASH’S ADVICE, along with the first partner of the game, APPLE BLOOM!

With her as your partner, head back to Sweetie Belle just outside the CMC clubhouse. THE CLUBHOUSE topic will be automatically unlocked due to Apple Bloom’s passive ability. Upon completion of this topic, the CMC Clubhouse can now be entered. Do so, and activate a short cutscene with Scootaloo. Nothing can be interacted with in the Clubhouse until you first deal with Scootaloo, so go talk to her. This triggers the first confrontation in the game.

4. Confrontation vs. Scootaloo

In this first testimony loop, Scootaloo will explain the CMC’s secret comedy routine in more detail. It consists of four statements, but unfortunately, none of them are weak to Twilight’s evidence. You’ll have to PRESS THE SECOND STATEMENT to unlock a new statement. Present APPLE BLOOM’S TESTIMONY to clear this first loop.

Scootaloo won’t lose her first point of resistance that easily. You’ll have to prove where she was on that night, which is proven by any one of these three pieces of evidence/profiles: RIBBON, RARITY’S PROFILE, OR SCOOTALOO’S PROFILE. This will finally knock one point of Scootaloo’s resistance and begin the second loop.

Here, there are only three statements. No pressing is necessary as RAINBOW DASH’S ADVICE can be presented against the second statement. This will knock off another point of Scootaloo’s resistance and transition to the third and final loop of this confrontation. You will also get a new piece of evidence called SCOOTALOO’S TRICK.

Here, there’s no red text to guide you this time, so you’ll have to use your mind and figure out the contradiction. There are four statements here, and the one you are looking for is the second statement. Present SCOOTALOO’S TRICK here and clear this confrontation. At the end, you’ll automatically engage in the conversation A TRICK GONE WRONG. Upon clearing it, you’ll lose APPLE BLOOM as a partner, along with the RIBBON. Twilight mentions following up her initial investigation back the Carousel Boutique, so head back there post haste!

5. Investigation Phase 2

Back at the Boutique, you’ll notice that Rarity has cleaned up most of the crime scene. Twilight will automatically examine the only remaining thing left untouched, which is the RIPPED STOOL. Rarity will then step in and explain her active ability to you, which is followed by the final tutorial of the case and grants you RARITY as a new partner!

To use her active ability, click on the SEARCH tab on the top center of the screen. The cursor will change into Rarity’s horn, which will glow more intensly the closer it is moved to a hidden piece of evidence. As Pinkie Pie said, we need to examine the area next to the front of the stool, so do so and you’ll find two pieces of evidence, the SMALL GEMS and the HOOKED GEMS.

There are three other items to find in the Boutique, but they are not relevant to the case. Next up, head back outside the Boutique and use the SEARCH ability again. Point the cursor south of the gray road and click on the hidden spot in the grass.

To proceed, you’ll need to complete a short logic chain that will grant Twilight a new lead in the case. First, you need to conclude what this trampled grass means in relationship with the events of the crime. The correct answer is that “THE DIRECTION OF THE TRAMPLED GRASS IS WRONG”. Next up, you’ll need to present evidence indicating a clue about the true culprit, which is the RIPPED STOOL. Another short conversation later, and Twilight will conclude that she needs to investigate a potential new lead away from Ponyville. For now, head back to Town Square.

6. Acquiring the Search Warrant

At Town Square, exit through the newly opened south exit, which leads to Rambling Rock Ridge. At the fork in the road, head east, and continue to the entrance of the caverns. Talk with the Diamond Dog Guard here and engage in a short scene. Your new goal will be to acquire a search warrant in order to enter the caverns. Before you go see the Mayor in Town Hall, you should collect the two pieces of evidence here.

Click on Rover to reveal some white hair on his back, which will be added as WHITE HAIR #2. Backtrack a ways from the entrance and you’ll see a purple ribbon on the ground. This is OPAL’S RIBBON. Lastly, open up the evidence tab and combine WHITE HAIR #2 with either OPAL’S PROFILE or WHITE HAIR. This will update WHITE HAIR #2. You are now ready to speak with the Mayor, so head back to Town Square, and head straight up into the entrance of Town Hall.

After witnessing a short cutscene with the Mayor’s “important” duties, talk to here about THE SEARCH WARRANT! This topic ends up being locked with two locks, but that matters little with our prep investigative work! Talk about THE CANTERLOT INVESTIGATIVE TEAM and then present both OPAL’S RIBBON and WHITE HAIR #2 to the Mayor. This will unlock THE SEARCH WARRANT topic. Talk about it, and you will receive the coveted SEARCH WARRANT to move on.

Head back to the Diamond Dog Caverns entrance and talk with Rover, which will automatically trigger a scene that opens up the Diamond Dogs Caverns for investigation.

7. Examining the Caverns

Inside the caverns, you’ll probably be tempted to interact with the Diamond Dogs. But, they are not necessary to move on. First, head right and into the Diamond Dog Living Quarters. You’ll notice a set of 5 rooms on the first floor, so go into the room second from the right end. Twilight will notice is the only EMPTY ROOM of the whole place. Head back out and investigate any one of the other rooms. Click on a piece of furniture to get GEM CARVED FURNITURE as evidence.

Return to the cave foyer and head up to the north room. Check out the dirt covered section of the wall and reveal both the SAFE WITH KEYHOLE and WHITE HAIR #3. Talk with Spot here and discuss OPAL’S WHEREABOUTS. He won’t say much, so force him to talk by presenting the SAFE WITH KEYHOLE to him. When pressed into showing how the safe relates with Opal, present WHITE HAIR #3. You’ll earn the RED KEY and EMPTY SAFE upon completion of this evidence prompt, along with access to the True Blue Dig Site.

To reach the dig site, head back to the cave foyer and exit the caverns. Go back to the fork connecting Town Square with Rambling Rock Ridge, and head south this time. After a short cutscene, examine the big hole on the right to earn CLAW MARKS for evidence. Next, examine the engraved rock next to the hole to get the ETCHED X as a piece of evidence. Back in the field, combine the CLAW MARKS and ETCHED X to update both of them.

Next, turn on Rarity’s ability and search the bottom part of area, especially near a brown bush. Upon further examination, you’ll earn a BLUE KEY. Combine this key with the RED KEY to update the BLUE KEY, proving that it opens the same safe in the caverns. You are now ready to confront the true culprit of the crime, so head back to the cave foyer and prepare for the final confrontation of this case!

8. Confrontation vs. Case 1 Culprit

Talk with anyone of the Diamond Dogs standing in the cave foyer to initialize the confrontation. Fido is up first, and his testimony has 4 statements to analyze. There’s nothing to press here, so just present the RIPPED STOOL, showing why there is reason to suspect the Diamond Dogs. No resistance points are taken off as Spot interjects with a testimony pointing out another likely suspect.

In this testimony loop, there are 6 statements. Once again, there is no pressing required. Present the SMALL GEMS to the 5th statement, and score the first resistance point deduction against the Diamond Dogs. One more to go! Fido steps up to the plate again with 6 statement testimony. The key here is to present the HOOKED GEMS to the 4th statement, proving a way the Diamond Dogs could break into the Boutique other than the broken window. Only one more evidence prompt stands between you and victory. In order to show that the Diamond Dogs were responsible for carving the hooked gem, you need to show them another example of their gem carvings, which would be the GEM CARVED FURNITURE, the RED KEY, or the BLUE KEY.

Finally, the Diamond Dogs resistance has been taken down to zero… or not. Rover steps in and raises the resistance back up to 4. Time to tackle the second half of the confrontation! In this first loop from Rover, there are 4 statements to look over. This time, you need to PRESS THE THIRD STATEMENT and unlock a new statement. The red text from pressing this statement and the previous statement should reveal a clear conclusion on what to do. Present the EMPTY SAFE to this new statement to clear the loop.

Rover will then grill Twilight on why the safe is empty. The only correct choice here is “YOU WERE STOLEN FROM!” After two correct answers, Rover still refuses to lose a resistance point. He then suggests another reason for why the safe is empty, which is that the safe is new. Clearly, we cannot accept his reasoning, so select “NO, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.” This is a bold claim we are making, so naturally Rover asks for proof backing this accusation up. Present the BLUE KEY to expose Rover’s lie and take away his first resistance point at last.

A new evidence prompt shows up, requiring Twilight to prove evidence of a thief inside the caverns. Present the EMPTY ROOM and show a suitable treatment for a untrustworthy, stealing Diamond Dog thief. This will knock off another point. Two more to go! After Twilight’s lengthy explanation on how the events of the crime went down, the final confrontation loop will appear for you to solve. Here, there are 5 statements to take into account. No pressing is required. At the third statement, simply present either the ETCHED X or CLAW MARKS to show a connection with their stolen gem and the True Blue gem that Rarity found.

Rover finds himself on edge as another point is deducted from his resistance. He puts Twilight’s entire story in question by asking for the reason behind the secret heist. To solve this final obstacle, present RARITY’S PROFILE. With that, Rover’s resistance is taken to zero and he breaks down and admits his guilt. From here, it’s all a matter of watching the ending scenes and the credits to finish the case.

Congratulations on clearing the first case of My Little Investigations!

47 thoughts on “Case 1: True Blue Scootaloo

  1. I am giving this game my highest praise. It is simply wonderful! The game retained my interest from start to finish, with a gripping story, a perplexing puzzle, and the same characters I’ve come to love over time. It has the quality of a game buy-able in a shop. Promise me the team will keep working towards more content, it’s a breakthrough in pony-related games. I just hope there’s not another ‘Fighting is magic’ issue with Hasbro.

    Promise you’ll keep going! I’ll support you no matter what.


    • This project will stay alive as long as Gabu and I are at the helm, keeping the rest of the team motivated.

      We want to continue until completion or until if we are forced to stop.

      • I have an idea for a case: someone tries to burn down Twilight’s library, and everyone blames Spike, accusing him of being a disgruntled assistant who wanted some sort of message to be sent through arson. If you like the idea email me and I can tell you how it ends!

    • I have to admit, the voice actors for Twilight, Scootaloo, Mayor Mare, and the Diamond Dogs, were practically “Spot” on(pun intended)! They should talk to Hasbro and see if they can get a position for Season 5.

    • This is the best MLP game I’ve played in my life 😀
      I hope you guys do your best on making these cases and the storyline for Case 1 is amazing!Cant wait for Case 2 >.<

  2. Equestrian Dreamers,
    I must say that this case was amazing, even on the first one. I did get stuck on some parts so I stick to Pinkie Pie’s instincts. Turns out she was talking about a walkthrough (which I rarely used). The hardest parts was the confrontations with Scootaloo and the Diamond Dogs, but other than that, it was fun! I cannot wait for another case to crack with my own brains!

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  4. This game is absolutely perfect. I cant believe how well its made, being a fan made game.

    The animations, graphics and voice acting is on the spot and very well developed.

    The general game mechanics are fun and interesting.

    The game storyline is well written. Its interesting, very humorous at times. Especially the Scootaloo part gripped me ;(. I love how you made that part. The fanart made it a perfect scene.

    Conclusion; Very great game. Mechanics are great, storyline is great, EVERYTHING is great!
    I cant wait for case 2!

  5. That was….. AWESOME!I would love to see more in the future!And I am a PROUD youtuber and will help funding because my fans loved it and said they will fund!So keep the games flowing!~KittyLoversUNITE(my youtube account)

  6. I want to give some idea what was stolen (if you want to make more case).
    1.A pony(one of the mane 6 or CMC)

  7. Ok, as a huge ace attorney and mlp fan, I really enjoyed the first case. You have perfectly integrated Ace Attorney: Investigations spin-off to the mlp universe and it was amazing to see some mechanics, like the partner system, greatly improved in this game. However, I am a bit worried, because it will be incredibly difficult to make the game take itself seriously. Because of y’know, ponies, no violence, everything’s kid friendly and all that, I don’t think it’ll be possible to achieve the thrill or epic-ness like in the final cases of an ace attorney game and that can make a lackluster experience in the later cases. Hopefully you can proove me wrong. But anyway, this game is awsome and I love it and I think that the whole game will be amazing, no matter what happens.
    *****, 10/10, A+

  8. Excellent game! I loved the artwork and storyline, as well as the comedy. (I played it twice just to see all the different lines you could get when you stray from the topic a bit…) It had an excellent degree of difficulty, I found I needed to step back and think things through on a couple occasions. Though, one little thing gets me, I had to go to the walkthrough (how else would I have found this, right?) because, during the confrontation with the diamond dogs, nothing that they said gave me any real reason to bring up the empty safe where it is supposed to be presented. It would have made more sense to be prompted to present it once you pressed the issue of Rover’s third statement, not to be presented after he gives a line that strays from that topic… (I never played the Ace Attorney games so I don’t know if that was just the game mechanic from there or the way you wanted it to be…) But I digress, I absolutely loved the game and can’t wait for the next case.

  9. Seeing how the Diamond dogs were the first “culprits” in the game I’m starting to wonder if the next culprits will be the usual minor antagonists we’ve seen in the show (Trixie, Gilda, the Flim Flam Bros, Discord, and Chrysalis….or whatever her name was.. oops) or if we’ll see some of the side or even main characters of the show being the culprits. Some characters I would like to see as culprits (keep in mind I’m trying not to refer to them as bad guys) would be Filthy Rich or Derpy (Ditzy if you prefer) because let’s be honest wouldn’t it be hilarious if Ditzy was a criminal mastermind.

    • Chrysalis, is NOT “minor”.
      Second, i dont know if when you finished the first case, you just wnet all like “LOL IM DONE!” *closes game*, because if you did that, you missed that before going to the main menu, you can hear Trixie in the background, so…

  10. This game was everything it wanted to be. It’s the same concept as Phoenix Wright, but with more exploration and less murder (So far XD). The graphics were amazing and the mechanics were actually really cool. A lot of the times i was stuck, is because i forgot “Combining evidence” was a thing and i disabled the hint system (cant have it too easy on the “tutorial” case). mostly my fault though. Only issue i have is that, twilight and rarity’s voices are a little hard for me to get used too and Twilight sounds kinda stiff. It was only twilight who had that problem though. I also had trouble with the last conflict because it seemed like you could present the evidence in several places but it always worked in the one that seemed less likely. Small complaints, its amazing game from an amazing team. cant wait for the next cases!!

  11. Just finished Case 1 and I LOVED IT! I loved the gameplay which was perfect and true to the awesome ace attorney formula and I FREAKING LOVED THE AWESOME SOUNDTRACK!!

    The soundtrack is on par with the ace attorney soundtrack in my opinion. I loved the Logic, Confrotation, Confess the truth, cornered, Allegro etc. And I have downloaded the album since I love the music so much!

    I thought the “cross examinations” or interrogations and confrontations as they are called, were an absolute joy to play! I loved pressing on every statement like in the ace attorney games and there was a few times I was stuck on what to present and lost a few points.

    I not really much of a MLP fan but I do love good games and crossovers and plots like this here.

    I cant wait to play case 2!

  12. Finished the game. One word: awesome. 10/10. Best voice acting, great gameplay, perfect storyline, favourite characters! Best. MLP. Game. Ever.

  13. i just got done with true blue scootaloo then at the end i hear “WATCH IN AWE!” and there are question marks as the name, the very first thing i think … “trixie”

  14. I went into it expecting more of a visual novel-esque game, but while the resemblance was there, i was pleasantly surprised by the ability to move about freely. i chose the tutorial, and pinkie’s interactions with twilight had me laughing quite a lot.
    the animation was very good, just one nitpick. during the dialogue sequences the characters feel a bit stilted, since only their jaws are moving. adding a bit of bounce to the head would make it look a lot more realistic, and i don’t think it would be very difficult. (correct me if i’m wrong, i know next to nothing about animation)
    the voice acting was very good, though. it sounded like the original voice actors.
    the cutscene pictures were masterfully done. it looked quite realistic while still capturing the feel of the show.
    the story was intriguing, and the mystery challenging. having the diamond dogs own the gem in the first place was a nice twist, and i’m with rarity. the diamond dogs had it first, they should keep it. “finders, retainers” eh. that cracked me up.
    the music was delightful. everywhere i went i kept thinking “this fits” or “this is beautiful.”
    that stinger at the end, as well…

    all in all, i can’t wait for case two!

    rating: 9.5/10 very good job 🙂

  15. This was so much fun! The only issue I have with it is the same as with the Ace Attorney games. The pacing. It’s just right at the confrontation and investigation sections, but a little bit slow in the dialogues. Since the story effectively trumples over the gameplay, the dialogue just offsets the pacing a little bit. It doesn’t harm the entertainment value at all, though, the game is amazing. Also, Pinkie plz.

  16. I’m not too fond of the voice acting, but that’s a minor complaint because it can be turned off.
    The text scrolls a little too slowly for my liking though.

  17. This game is really cool, my favorite animation series and so many refrances. But there is one terrible thing: realy, only one case for an one year, in an one year will be 2-3 new cases.

  18. So, I just finished the first case of the game and I must say that this was a fantastic homage to both the My Little Pony series as well as the Ace Attorney Investigations series. With surprisingly accurate voices, enticing gameplay and those ever present characters that seem to know way more about law than they probably should, not to mention the very believable writing, I’d like to say that this is by far one of the best fan games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. I loved what you’ve done and sincerely hope that you maintain the same standards of quality the entire way through.

    However, one small criticism I have is with the confrontation mechanics. I really believe that there shouldn’t be an indicator for your opponent’s resistance. Something about always being able to know just how close you are to breaking your opponent doesn’t seem quite right.

  19. I would like to see a Court Scene or two in the next episodes if you decide to continue the style of Pheonix Wright. I adored the Trials and would like to see one in a future episode

  20. Great game, but one question. When I try to combine Twilight Sparkle with Rainbow Dash in evidence menu it say something like: “I cannot find a logical connection here…”. How is that possible? (#TwiDash) 🙂

  21. Quite enjoyable, I am looking forward to more content, speaking of which I am curious as to what the status is for the next case and would love to hear back from you regarding how the project is coming along(no rush though, I’m content to wait for a quality product). Going off of the name of this series, there is a fan-fiction series that goes by the same name, and is quite extensive and a little on the dark side as far as content is concerned, but would make grade A case material.
    Best wishes for the holiday season and I hope to hear from you soon.

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