Looking for the game itself? Well, look no further! Downloads are in two formats: torrents and direct downloads. If you have a BitTorrent client (and if you don’t, we recommend qBittorrent), we highly recommend the first option – it’s much easier on bandwidth, and downloads are pausable and resumable, too! Of course, if you’d prefer not to get a BitTorrent client, then the direct download link is provided as a second option, too.

(Note: You’ll likely receive a message saying that you can’t open the installer or app file because the developer wasn’t identified. This is normal, and should not be cause for concern. On Windows, click “More info” and then “Run anyway”. On OS X, hold control and click the .app file, and select “Open” from the drop-down menu. After you do that, everything should be fine.)

Windows (276 MB)

Torrent / Magnet Link
Direct Download

OS X (271 MB) (64-bit 10.6 or higher required)

Torrent / Magnet Link
Direct Download (Please use this one! v1.1.3, should fix the library-not-found issue.)

(If you’ve installed a version of MLI on OS X before v1.1, you’ll want to delete the folder “/Library/Application Support/My Little Investigations”, as it’s not used anymore.)

Linux (276 MB)

Believe it or not, we found during development that running MLI via Wine was much easier than any other option, so we’ve opted to make that the officially sanctioned way to play MLI on Linux. Just download from one of the Windows links, install it using Wine, and then it should just work. Easy peasy!


All updates can be downloaded just by running the game normally (shortcuts in Windows should point to MyLittleInvestigationsLauncher.exe, which will launch the updater if updates exist) and clicking “yes” when it asks you if you want to update.


  • Fixed an issue on OS X where the game was erroneously relying on preinstalled libraries instead of using the ones packaged in the .app.
  • Fixed an issue on OS X where the game was expecting itself to always be installed to /Applications.


  • Fixed a bug where going to the select-language page, then clicking “Back” without doing anything, would leave the executable in a bad state where part of it incorrectly thought that the last language in the list had been selected.


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to a double-free of an object if an XML file was not found on disk.


  • Implemented support for localization: splitting common.dat into a core set of content not needing localization, plus separate files that contain localized content; and splitting the contents of case files to allow a base language and then localized additional/replacement content in other languages.
  • Added a Russian localization for the game from the folks at Tolma4 Team – thanks!
  • Overhauled the updating process to use scripts to update instead of a executable, in order to enable everything to be updated, including the updater itself and SDL.
  • Modified the OS X version to include everything it needs within the .app file itself, rather than installing some files to /Library/Application Support/.
  • Modified the OS X DMG file to be a simple drag-and-drop installation instead of having a .pkg file installer.


  • Applied bug and memory leak fixes by phantom10111 – thanks!
  • Updated SDL distributed with the game from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 to support the above fixes, which require SDL_DetachThread(), added in SDL 2.0.2.

Note for those working on the source code: This will require you to update your version of SDL if you have a version below 2.0.2. You can do so here:


  • Fixed (hopefully) crashes on game loading and text corruptions that were caused by thread-unsafe resource access.


  • Pulled all of the hard-coded font paths and text content out of the source code and into an XML file located in XML/LocalizableContent.xml in common.dat. Modifying the contents of this file and replacing common.dat with one with the new XML file (and fonts, optionally) should make localization much easier.


  • Improved font rendering such that text is no longer pixelated in fullscreen mode (thanks, mad-mix).
  • Changed the text rendering to support any character a font supports, instead of only English characters (thanks, mad-mix).
  • Changed all image buttons to be rendered as text rather than images (thanks, mad-mix). Also required a font update, since the fonts previously being used were not free to distribute.
  • Added some preliminary keyboard support, though work still needs to be done to make the game fully usable only by keyboard (thanks, meh2481).
  • Implemented some OS X optimizations (thanks, MaddTheSane).
  • Fixed a crash when combining two items that don’t go together repeatedly.


  • Implemented an algorithm to retrieve the largest texture the player’s graphics card can support and to slice up images into multiple textures if the image is larger than the maximum supported texture. This may hopefully fix the black background image for at least some players.
  • Dropped the requirement for hardware acceleration, as there was no reason for it – now we attempt to get a hardware accelerated renderer if possible, but don’t fail and exit if not.
  • Implemented better error reporting if a failure occurs on startup – now instead of just saying that we couldn’t start, we retrieve the last error from SDL to tell us what went wrong in the message box that’s displayed.


  • Implemented [b]much[/b] improved sprite sheet compression, resulting in huge memory requirement gains – the game should now not need more than ~500 MB of RAM at peak usage with this update.
  • Implemented a potential fix for the crash when presenting evidence during an interrogation or confrontation – without a local reproduction, it’s hard to say exactly what the problem was, but a crash dump provided by StormRater helped give me at least a theory regarding what was going on there.
  • Implemented a potential fix for the empty health circles during confrontations – similarly, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on without a local reproduction, but I at least had an idea that I implemented.

Note: A previous version of this change went up for a very brief time about an hour ago, but was taken down about ten minutes later after it was discovered that the Town Square sprite sheet on my OS X test machine didn’t load due to being too large. Sprite sheets are now broken up into multiple images after they reach a certain size to account for this. This new version looks as expected on my OS X machine, but please let me know if you see any visual issues with it. If anyone downloaded the update before it was taken down, they’ll need to reinstall MLI and re-download the update. Sincere apologies about the trouble if so.


  • Fixed an issue where the text caret during saving was improperly offset in non-fullscreen mode after the change in v1.0.2. Confirmed it should be working in both modes now.

Note: v1.0.3 contained an imperfect fix for this that was caught only after publishing it, so we had to progress to v1.0.4 for the full fix in case anyone had downloaded v1.0.3 in the interim.)


  • Fixed a crash introduced in v1.0.1 where a particular string of events can cause us to attempt to re-use the Dialog event that we deleted and set to NULL.
  • Fixed a hang caused by an uninitialized variable in DialogCharacter::OneTimeEmotion. (Thanks to cabbage for pointing this out.)
  • Fixed an issue where the text caret during saving wasn’t taking screen scaling into account when saving the game while fullscreen.
  • Merged some OS X file system handling fixes and improvements from MaddTheSane.


  • Added a toggle button in the options screen to enable the ability to skip dialog even when they haven’t seen it yet.
  • Fixed a memory leak where Dialog objects were being created but never deleted until the player quits the current case.


  • Initial release.

168 thoughts on “Game

  1. Hi, i have a question about the game, as the characters keep reffering to something that previously happened. Like “Remember what happened last time”. It’s really confusing because you don’t know what happened last time. Unless there was a previous game of course. I hope you guys can answer my question.

  2. Oops, my last comment didn’t have a question. My question is was it supposed to be a joke, or is there a previous game?

  3. Oh, i remember that episode, didn’t figure that out directly. Thanks for letting me know.

    And i can’t seem to reply to you. There is a error when i try to reply to your comment.

  4. Really sorry to say but I hate all those “hit” and “clash” sounds during the sentences… Can I somehow turn them off? I was like 10 minutes in the game and got already annoyed far too much because of those…

  5. The Mac packaging… leaves something to be desired.

    As a general rule, only use installer packages for system software. Games don’t need to be distributed as such.

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  7. Just a complaint, it seems the fullscreen mode completely overtakes the screen and only shows about 1 third of what was happening on the screen. Is there a way to make it adjust to your current resolution

  8. Is it supposed to take about 50 minutes to download? Sorry for being impatient, but I didn’t know if it was my laptop or what. How long did it take others to download? o.o

  9. I just wanted to congratulate the entire Equestrian Dreamers team on what is no doubt a significant accomplishment for all of you. You guys are frickin awesome for doing this and I just wanted to express my gratitude and congratulate you all on this excellent achievement. You guys should be very proud of yourselves and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

  10. So, I’m having trouble actually downloading this.

    I’ve used the direct link twice, and both times it took forever to download, and once it finished the installer wouldn’t even run (gave me error messages about incomplete downloads). I also tried using qBittorrent, but that’s going even worse, because it’s pretty much stuck infinitely on “Downloading Metadata”, without actually downloading anything. I’ve tried restarting the download multiple times, to no avail.


    • That’s strange. The direct download especially should be more or less bulletproof, as MediaFire has been around for a long time. The only thing I can think of is internet troubles on your end of some sort. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but I can’t think of anything on our end that could cause something like that, especially with the direct download. Sorry. 🙁

      • Sadly, that would make sense. Internet here isn’t the best. :C

        Although I’m still not entirely sure why the Torrent is doing absolutely nothing. Is that normal for when you have poor internet connection? (I’ve never used a torrentng thing before)

        • If it’s having trouble downloading the metadata, which is basically information on where to find peers to download from, then yeah, that’s unfortunately normal (or at least it’s expected for it to do nothing if it can’t download metadata).

  11. Great game so far, very vastly improved over the demo I remember. However, after a certain point, I can’t really seem to get any further due to graphical issues. After a certain character joins as a partner, most (and after a certain point, all) of the background screens totally disappear. So it’s just Twilight on a black screen, and it kinda makes it hard to figure out what to do next. I was hoping you guys might have some tips as to how I can fix this?

    • Just a quick update: Shortly after I posted this comment, the game crashed. Once I restarted it, and loaded the autosave (which I’m grateful for, by the way), the backgrounds reappeared. So I suppose this is a problem that occurs if you play the game for a long period of time. Must be a memory issue, or something.

  12. wow ,after playing this game for half an hour , I must say a lot of efforts have been put into this game. There are even voice dialogs for every lines in the game . The sprite is also well-made and really beautiful. In comparison with the ace attorney : investigation game , I say I like this game much much more.

  13. The Game is really GREAT! I hope the 2nd and other cases/episodes can be finished in a jiffy cuz Its So GREAT! Just, Speechless……. Best game for me!

  14. I just finish playing the game. And It was amazing. So I just want to give my thanks to Equestrian Dreamers. I really hope I see more of your content soon ^_^

  15. I am having no trouble at all when downloading, It only takes about 5 minutes but when I try to run it, it says Error : Running failed due to incomplete file, please contact author to get a new copy

  16. I think there’s something wrong with the game here. At the very first scene, it was fine. But when moved to the Bridge and the Town Hall, the ground was all black but I can still see the characters (like Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, etc.) and the evidences. Plus Twilight keeps doing ‘something’ (can’t really describe what she’s doing) when I enter those said scenes (can be seen on the screenshot below).

    I even took a screenshot, here’s the Bridge scene:

  17. Unfortunately, I do not think that I can download this game. Both MediaFire and torrents are blocked by my school’s network, so I have no way of getting the game unless I use the GitHub repository files. May I ask how to compile these source files into a working game so that I may see this experience for myself? I would appreciate it greatly.

  18. I just wanted to give you a big thanks for the tremendous work and effort you put into this project.
    I’ve been around since short after the start of it, which was also around the time I became a brony, and immediately liked the idea of it after I saw the trailers. After completly forgetting about MLI for a while I only recently remembered it and thought “I’m glad that the team is still working on this even after such a long time”, so you can only imagine my joy when it got published shortly after that. It absolutely made my day.
    This is a piece of brony history and that you really pulled through with it is amazing.

  19. I’m thinking of downloading it. But. I’m not sure. Is there anything i need to download. Like some kind of game engine thing or something weird like that. Also does this game have blood, gore, violence,,,, or cussing? owo

    • Everything you need to is in the single installer download. No, this game has no blood, gore, violence, or profanity – we did our best to stay as close to MLP:FiM canon as possible, and especially to the themes of friendship that the show exudes. 🙂

  20. I just got done with case 1, and I have to say: the team did a splendid job with this game! It nails that Ace Attorney feel pretty spot-on too, which is a major plus in my book. The only gripes I have with the game are the small technical stuff (like the pixelated full-screen mode), but that’s just me nitpicking. :p

    Overall, 9/10, would play case 2 in a heartbeat. Everyone should give this a play if they haven’t already. 😀

    (also, I accidentally posted my comment on the old demo comment thread, my bad lol)

  21. The game’s very great! I liked it but the backgrounds aren’t showing up at the bridge, town square, the mayor’s office and the rock ridge. I waited for a very long time, but nothing happens….

  22. Is there anywhere I can go to report bugs? Or should I just do that here? because there’s this weird glitch for me where whenever I leave Town Hall, the background of ponyville (at least, the roads and such) just become solid black. It will fix if I go to a different area and then return, but eh. Just thought you should know.

  23. I was playing the game through, when in the confrontation with the Diamond Dogs it seemed at first you hadn’t finished putting in some of the speech, since Twilight and Rarity stopped making sounds when they spoke, although the text appeared. But then, after presenting the lockpicks, Fido cringed up, and then the game just stuck there, with the music playing; all I can assume is the game glitched up. …Help?

  24. Sorry To Bother However It Would Seem I Cant Use The Windows Direct Download When I Click It It Simply Does Nothing Same For Windows Bit Torrent Download. Anyone Know Why?

    • It’s based on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Investigations, so, naturally, it is like Phoenix Wright :3 the format is called a ‘visual novel’ and you can find many others for free and commercial on the internet and for consoles as well. I recommend chicking out Hotel Dusk and Last Window if you want another mystery game, they’re commercial VNs for the Nintendo DS.

  25. I found a lot of evidence that spike couldn’t be the one who stole from rarity on the first case but the game wont accept it! what is that last piece of evidence that the game itself accepts!

  26. When Rarity doubts Twi’s abilities as a detecive, Twi sums up all the times she was right. Rarity then says that Twi must be wrong soon then. Twilight then thinks about “Brayes’ Theorem”. I’m sure you mean Bayes, not Brayes 🙂
    Just a tiiiiiny nitpick, but I thought I’d mention it in case you want to eliminate typos 😉
    Awesome game BTW. Absolutely loving it!

  27. I just finished this game. Great job for the story making. Manage to make me got 2 “Try Again” while I never got any game over in PW series. Can’t wait for the next case. I wonder what the others mane6 abilities. Can’t wait for Pinkie’s one… 😀

  28. So, just finished this game and I have a bit of a problem with this first case. It wasn’t a bad case at all, but I was at least 4 steps ahead of Twilight the whole time and that caused me to trip myself up in the final confrontation. I can understand that this is only the first case, and therefore needs to be easier on the player to help them learn how everything works, but I personally felt it was too simple. In all, a good game, even if I was too smart for it.(In that I used basic logic to discover the culprits just by little evidence. That and the beginning sequence basically SPELLED OUT whodunnit)

    Another, VERY MINOR, problem I had was the voices. Some were pretty good, but I had a problem with Apple Bloom and Rarity. To me AB sounds more like Granny Smith and her accent sounded far too forced to be realistic. My advice, tone it down a tad and just get a light twang instead of the full blown accent.

    As for Rarity, she sounded like a lady who lived in the South on a plantation. Possibly Louisiana. I don’t mean to nitpick here, but Rarity has a southern accent for a good portion of the game and it threw me off a bit. The others were okay, as to be expected, but Rarity just wasn’t working for me…

    So in all, I do hope to see the difficulty increase in the next case, as well as more ponies taking a role in the story. A good bit of advice, I know PW has that little sequence showing the crime in progress, and that is what you were going for, but you could make it more… subtle. Make us keep guessing. True Blue Scootaloo should have started with only Scoot’s involvement with the crime and POSSIBLY a minor hint towards the gem. It would make us actually THINK Scoot’s stole it on accident and throw us off at the start. I can see where you tried this at the beginning, but it was ultimately ineffective due to us CLEARLY hearing the DDogs stealing the gem at the beginning.

    That is all from me,
    ~ Chewed Pencil

    • In terms of difficulty, it’s really, really hard to strike a balance that works for everyone. Whereas you found it way too simple, we’ve heard from other players who were frustratingly stumped at multiple points in the case. Given that some found it too easy while others found it too hard, I kinda feel like that’s probably indicative that we got the difficulty about right, really. We don’t want to make it so hard that everyone but the most plugged-in players just resign in frustration; that’s no fun. Of course doing it that way will lead to *some* people finding it too easy, but we want our game to overall be fun, not frustrating.

      Regarding your point about keeping players guessing, we do intend to make it so that, in the second case, you won’t immediately know who the culprit is.

  29. I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you all so much for never giving up and making an awesome game! And by the looks of things you are still updating.

    Please make Case 2 soon!

  30. I just finished it and i must say it’s left me wanting more! It’s simply one of the most entertaining games that i have played in such a long time! I played the demo months ago, and loved it, and just yesterday saw on Equestria Daily that the game was on full release! However I do have to ask, is true blue Scootaloo the only mission so far? If not, how do i obtain the other missions since i have completed this one? Thank you so much for an amazing game thus far 🙂

  31. Help! I cant update the game! I accidently clicked no when i was first asked because my computer slowed down and now it wont come back up. Ive uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it still wont come up

  32. It’s just that beyond the Carousel Boutique all the background is black. Even when I reach the part inside the Boutique, the digging zone where Rarity found True Blue, the Diamond Dog’s caverns, and all beyond that. Please help me.

  33. I don’t suppose one of you fine people could work on making an upscaler for the fullscreen option. Having everything just being zoomed in and pixelated takes away some of the immersion in an otherwise amazing game.

  34. there’re any chance of an individual download link of the updates in the download section? the built-in online updater works fine but too slow… anyways the game is really really good, marvelous work.

    • We’ll be releasing periodic updates to the downloadable files that will include updates now and then. There shouldn’t be an update in the near future that should be as large as 1.0.5, though – that one was an exceptional circumstance since it required updating the case file to fix something.

  35. Wow…
    Just finished playing.
    The lipsyncing’s a bit stralge, but otherwise, I could mistake this for an official game!
    I’m not sure if that’s good or bad… (watch out for the C&D…)

  36. I’m looking forward to seeing individual downloads for updates, outside of the game’s update system. Since I’m playing this on a computer without online access, that’ll be the only way I can get updates. Also, great game. I can’t wait for future cases.

  37. Very nice game but pleas in the next one dont put the solution of the case and the guilties at the start, that should make the game more interesting

  38. Downloaded the Windows version and tested it with WINE(I’m using Ubuntu 12.04), it worked fine in windowed mode but when I tried to switch to fullscreen via options, it crashed(music still plays but I couldn’t do anything) and I had to kill it manually.

    It would be nice if you could show some appreciation to wildfier’s hard work by adding a link to his Linux version with installation instructions( below your official instructions about using WINE. Use “Unofficial Linux version” as the title so people see that it isn’t officially supported.

  39. ‘Grabs shotgun’ Hasbro I will go to war with you just to keep this up ALONSY ‘I dont care if I spelled it wrong’

  40. When I try to download the direct link for Windows, Google chrome gives me an error message saying the game has malicious software….

    • That’s just because the installer isn’t signed, which is a process that would involve considerable financial resources. It’s safe to ignore that message.

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  42. Hey! Your direct download link is broken (it keeps popping up with an error saying “Connection to server was reset” and the magnet link download’s a file that exists until I try to run it, then turns into a junk data .tmp file that doesn’t actually do anything. Forcing a recheck reveals that the file doesn’t exist and then, attempting to redownload continues the process. Now, I’m going to try redownloading the magnet link, but…

    • Attempting the magnet link again, same issue. Attempting to rename the .tmp to a .exe doesn’t work as Windows says the file doesn’t actually exist. As far as I can tell, it stays an .exe file right up until uTorrent finalizes the download, when it becomes a .tmp file.

      • I just checked and the download links seem to be working for me – not sure how to account for what you’re seeing, as a result. Sorry. 🙁

        • The download for the Mac version coomes up fine, but the Windows direct is broke. Using uTorrent, the file downloads as garbage and then deletes itself, whereas qbittorrent (which I have just switched to due to some issues with utorrent) seems to be stuck trying to load metadata.

          • Is it possible to upload the torrent file for download rather than using a magnet link which I’ve heard break fairly easily?

          • Sure, I suppose it’s worth a try, at least:


            It really sounds like it might be something on your end, though, much as I know that sounds like a lame cop-out. I’ve now tried downloading the Windows installer from the direct download from two different locations using two different internet connections, and in both cases it worked fine and got me a working executable that installed the game.

          • That…. still didn’t work, which is ridiculous, because I connected just fine to the peers and seeds there. Mediafire is still being an ass and not letting me download, so I guess I’m just not meant to play this game right now.

            You might want to look into providing mirrors, but aside from that… I don’t even have any more ideas.

            Thanks anyway, though!

            I will say I had no problem downloading your demo. I have no clue why it’s not working now.

          • Well, we do seem to be getting somewhere. I’m getting an .exe file out of the torrent along WITH the garbage .tmp, and it’s giving me an error that I can’t run it because I’m on a 64-bit computer.

            Is there a better place for this discussion?

  43. I found the problem. My anti-virus was killing the file before it could download completely. Should’ve thought of it sooner – and it was blocking the mediafire download too, I’ll bet.

    THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. For future reference to people who read the comments – disable Avast’s shields before downloading!

  44. Please help! I cant seem to download. Ive clicked on the link for windows then it is followed by a message of “This webpage is not available”… is this game site down? Is there another link that I can use to download the game?

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  46. I love this game so far I even showed it to my little sister who didn’t really get into the phoenix wright games and she loved it! my only question is the game always going to keep a E for everyone rating so to speak? I mean violence is everywhere so I could care less if it has that but it would be nice to know that my 9 year old sister could keep playing without getting traumatized.

    • Yes, we plan to avoid crimes involving emotionally traumatic actions such as murder – we intend to keep to the spirit of the show as much as possible.

  47. Just finished case 1 a second time =) i love the sound effects added to Scootaloo when she’s angry…she’s like she’s going to zap somepony with a thundercloud or something.

  48. I must say this is really going somewhere. Just finished case 1 and I’m very impressed. It still needs some polishing in the controls and maybe the hud, but the art and the gameplay are simply gorgeus to look at and play to. It has so many details too, not to say that every single line is narrated and that’s a lot of work. I’m really eager to play the next cases. Keep the good work!

  49. Hello. I have been trying to complete case 1. But everytime i try to go back to Rarity’s place, the game suddenly shuts down. I have tried to start a new game and even shut down my mac and open it up again but it always shuts down right before the bridge in case 1. Even in front of town hall the background dissapears and im just walking (or Twilight) it just walking on darkness. All the characters and buildings is there, just the ground is gone. Its up to date with v.6 but i dont know why this is happening! Please Help!!!

  50. The computer on which I play this game has no internet connection, making it impossible to update. Could the game’s core download be modified to include those updates from the start?

  51. Can I download this on my phone? And if so,HOW!?!?!? Its driving me crazy. I get so jealous when people post reactions , the game alone, and other things on the game and it kills me

  52. For some reason, it won’t let me update to the most recent version. It keeps on giving me a error message around 98% done.

  53. Ahm, disculpen, me gustaría saber si el juego ya está en proyecto de traducción al español, lo he jugado pero por mi mal inglés no he podido avanzar, el juego me gustó mucho y quisiera que todos los fanáticos latinos lo disfruten, en YouTube encontré un gameplay de éste juego en español, lo tradujo la misma persona del canal, por si les interesara preguntarles si quiere colaborar aquí está su canal.

  54. I cant download the game it keeps telling me to solve captcha and then when i do it just makes a clone where i solve ANOTHER captcha and also takes me to some garden website (btw when i solve that second capthca it does the same thing and im on mac)

  55. Well, this was mighty interesting and a very good spoof and tribute to many of the things existing out there. I also wanna let you know that if you need a Big Mac, let me know, I do a pretty darn good Big Mac.

  56. It is a good game. I’ve been advising to play it to all residents of my republic, especially to Dnosty. Thanks for your attention.

  57. I don’t mean to bother, but I downloaded the game, opened it, and then it asked me to update it to V 1.3. I updated it, and the icon is on my desktop, but it won’t open?

  58. When I download the game on Mac, It always asks me to update the Game, When I say yes it says that it completes the update and is starting the game.But when I try to open the game again, It tells me that you have to update it again. this went on a loop for three Hours. can you help?

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