New team members + MLI turns 3!

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! I’m happy to report that we’re finally done processing all of the applications we’ve received for case 2 recruitment. We’ve made final decisions, meaning that if an applicant hasn’t heard from us yet on a position that they applied for, then unfortunately, that means that they did not get that position. Sorry! We had a ton of very talented applicants, and we wish them all the very best, even if we weren’t able to give them a position on our team.

Before we get to that, though, we have a second announcement, as well: as of July 16, My Little Investigations is now three years old! July 16, 2011 marks the day on which I initially created the project file that ultimately ended up starting this whole project, though at the time I had thought that it was just going to be a week-long side project just for my amusement. Amazing how things sometimes just happen like that in life – the initial example post got put on Equestria Daily, I kept working on it, then ZeusAssassin contacted me in August, dawnmew contacted me in November, and we had our first recruitment in December. None of that was planned, but I sure as heck am happy that it all happened as it did. I wouldn’t have traded those three years for anything. To commemorate that anniversary, we’d like to give you just a little sneak peek at some of the stuff we’re working on for case 2, which will be at the bottom of this post.

Before that, however, I’d like to present the full roster of new team members. Please join me in giving them a very warm welcome!

Visual Artists

Vector Artist – Pirill
Animator – Megamanhxh
Cutscene Artist – Poppun

Music & Sound Design

Audio Engineer – ShadTK

Voice Actors

Applejack – Heather Feathersong
Sapphire Shores – Heather Feathersong
Trixie – Heather Feathersong
Lyrica Lilac – Cerridwen
Royal Ribbon – GloryOfTheRainWings

Fluttershy – Carmen
Princess Celestia – AnnaChloeM
Aunt Orange – Icyfire888
Masquerade – Carmen
Jenny Juniper – PrincessRil

Spike – GloryOfTheRainWings

Philo Reed – ThatCanadianDude

Uncle Orange – Mickwhitefire28
Gustave le Grand – DaWillstanator
Caesar – DaWillstanator
Dim Delite – TheHeroOfMobius

And to give you a treat for having read this far, here’s a very early glimpse at some of the stuff we’re working on already for case 2. 🙂

Character art!




That’s all we got for you so far. We look forward to working together with all of these awesome new team members, and we’re looking forward to bringing you an awesome second case!

46 thoughts on “New team members + MLI turns 3!

  1. I swear… that music sounds like a strong homage to the Sam and Max series, specifically the Season One opening credits theme. I’m liking it already!

  2. Well I should have know my Spike voice wasn’t going to get in. Well at the very least I hope the voice was good and it wasn’t ear rape to you guys.

  3. Judging from the background and the music you’ve given us. I suspect that case two will be taken place in los pegasus, or at least for a part. The music most certainly sounds like it would fit with such a city.

  4. Aww… welp, there’s always next time. Can’t wait to see when case 2 comes out! <3


    P.S. Hope my Dim Delite wasn't too annoyingly kiddish sounding to you.

    P.P.S. Love the music, pass the message to Trot for me. ^^

    • Will do! Glad you are still very hyped for Case 2. This project can only get better after our debut case, I know it.

      Thanks for applying and to everyone who is supporting us to finish the game.

  5. I didnt exxpect to see any preview of case 2 for quite a while since it has not been long since case 1 was released, I almost wish those previews came mutch later, but then again I understand its the third aniversary for the project, and a little hype for the ocasion is in order. Im looking forward to see more of this, but for now I will stay as far away as I can to give you space =)

  6. I’m really looking forward to Case 2, this game makes lots of fun and i hope the work on it makes lots of fun for you! ^^
    Well, i wish you guys the best of luck! 🙂

  7. Congratulations everybody!
    I’m really happy (and jealous) for the ones, that got chosen!

    Work hard (as always) and don’t forget to have fun! 😀

  8. Aww, i didnt get in, oh well, always next time :3 Hope this case is as good as the last!

    P.S. I hope my Dim Delite didnt should too childish.

  9. I hope we get a say again about the voice actors, don’t want a repeat of the very first Sweetie Bell. Luckily we caught that one in time.

    Also glad to see that you’ve done away with the stupid questions, this’ll make it much less painful to comment.

      • Oh? Well if she didn’t change, then she at least straightened up her act something fierce. I distinctly remember a lot of complaints when she was first introduced. Perhaps it was over at the first site. I know it was one of the crusader’s VAs. And are you implying our input is ignored? I sure hope that’s not what you meant.

        • We worked with her and she improved, like you said. We’re not going to dump a team member just like that based just on an imperfect first impression; our team is basically a small tight-knit community.

          Of course fans’ input isn’t ignored, but you made it sound like fans wanted a VA gone so we made it so, which was not at all the case. We stand by our team members and want to help them to be as best as they can be; we would never “trade up” so to speak to someone who some think is better; that would be terrible for team morale and cohesion.

          • Well that’s a laudable attitude I suppose, and it was indeed quite an improvement which is why I was fooled.

  10. Aw, shucks. And here I was actually confident in my audition for Dim Delite, if not Uncle Orange.

    Oh well. Happy Birthday, My Little Investigations!

  11. You should also consider hiring someone for story and dialogue writing. In case 1, Rarity, for example, sounded like a bad parody of herself. I mean isn’t it a pity to make a great game with awesome art, and then ruin it by having the plot written by someone who has no experience in it?

  12. One thing I’d just like to ask for, if at all possible, is maybe controller support in the future?
    You see, my mouse is in the WORST POSSIBLE POSITION, so it’s reallllly uncomfortable for me to use to play games that use only mouse control.

    • Mouse and keyboard support is definitely something that I’ve heard requests for, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable. It’s unfortunately not the highest priority item we have on the table given that there are many other things we also need to do, but it does seem like a reasonable thing to implement in the future.

      • It’s fine, I understand. I was just talking about controller support like how most PC games let you play using an Xbox 360 controller.
        But as I said, I totally understand.

  13. I have a question considering partners during confrontations. In the Engine Demo for partners, you’ve shown that partners can be used to find something (which was also shown in case 1), open a subject or, in rainbow dash’s case, provoke a person into saying things they’re hiding during an interogation. I was wondering if, for example, rainbow dash’s ‘taunt’ would also be able to be used in a confrontation when you have her as your partner, and not only in interogations.

  14. I hate to pester you, but do you have an approximation for the release date of Case 2? I have finished Case 1 and can’t wait for Case 2 to be finished so I can see what happens next.

  15. So excited for the second case, everyone! Maybe in case three i wont be so late in checking back, Hope its as good as number one was! Ill be sure to check as much as possible to keeps updated this time!!

  16. Nice. I can’t wait for the second case to come out. I throughly enjoyed the first case.

    Personally I found the case a bit easy… But, then again, my prefered diffcutly is that of the final case of Trials and Tribulations, and all the games after that seemed toned down to me, and I understand why.

    I love the music you have posted here. And I can’t wait to download all the new music that comes with the new case.

    Its great that you guys make cool stuff like this for everyone.

  17. Will case 2 need more time like case 1 does, will the full version of case 2 also need like 3 years to be completed ?! i hope no , but i need answer

    • We’re not anywhere near being able to commit to any sort of release date at the moment, but we’re definitely hoping that it won’t take the three years that case 1 took to be completed.

      • In the mean time, Could you make somekind of “Languange pack” support ? the interesting part of this game is at the story , and if someone want to play this game but dont understand any of the word the ponies saying , they will can’t enjoy the game. i do this for my friend, so please , can the team make some kind of tool to make ” It ” or you can tell me how to make it , please ?

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