We have a team! …And a forum!

Hello, everypony!

First off, I’d like to announce that we now have a forum! We’ve already had a few people ask us for this, so we figured, why not? If you’d like to chat with us or other fans about MLI, about MLP:FiM, or just about anything in general, drop on by! Everypony welcome! 🙂

But that’s not what you’re primarily here for, is it? You’re all here because you’re wondering about the team that’s now been assembled! Well, wonder no longer. I’ve already sent invitations to everyone who’s been selected to join the team, so if you haven’t yet received an invitation, unfortunately, that means that you weren’t selected for this recruitment cycle. Before I give big shout-outs to our new team members, however, I’d first like to say a few words to those who weren’t selected. As I said before, please, please don’t take it personally – all of you are very talented, and this recruitment was filled with many, many tough decisions. You have my hearty encouragement, if you weren’t selected this time around, absolutely not to give up, as I have no doubt that all of you will be able to find ample opportunity wherever you go in life.

That said, here are the new members of our team. I encourage everyone to give them all a big super duper Pinkie Pie welcome!

HallowGazer – Dialog Character Artist
WarpOut – Field Character Artist
PonyArtist – Background & Prop Artist
Rautakoura – Cutscene Artist

Trot Pilgrim – Composer

PrincessRil – Twilight Sparkle
LoveKiku – Rarity, Sweetie Belle
BreeFaith – Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom
DivinexRose – Rainbow Dash
TehJadeh – Scootaloo
Flootershai – The Mayor
ThatCanadianDude – Rover
HoodedYellowPony – Fido, Spot

You can find out more about all of them by visiting our team page. I’m sure you’ll be hearing or seeing from them soon! 🙂

24 thoughts on “We have a team! …And a forum!

  1. Wait a minute. . .is it possible to give a Pinkie Pie welcome. . .to Pinkie Pie?
    (Oh wait, it’s Pinkie logic, nevermind!)

    I know some of the current VA’s actually~ Not personally but you know, previous work ^__^

    Keep up the work and please keep it true to AA’s standard guys!

    Your Faithful Student, Kailita (. w . )/

    • Of course it’s possible to give a Pinkie Pie welcome to Pinkie Pie!


      There you have it! 😉

      • wecome all im new to everything here and just want to say hi to the cast im not part of it but i still think your all awesome! thank you GabuEx for making this game

  2. Congrats to all of the Diamond Dogs voice actors! Hope this game is successful allowing more opportunities pop up in the future.

  3. Aww, I didn’t make it? Oh well! If my application was as good as I’m confident it was, I’m sure the one you picked is absolutely amazing! I’m really looking forward to the game’s further development!

  4. Congrats to everyone on the team! After looking over everyone’s bios and work, I have even more faith that this project is going to be epic!

    In fact, these new additions make this team…dare I say it?…20% COOLER.

  5. Sweetness. It’s great to see things turn out well, and I’m glad great voice actors were found for the Diamond Dogs. (I never did send in my audition…mainly because I almost broke my voice trying to imitate the Diamond Dogs. Ah well.)

    I look forward to new videos featuring clips with the voice actors and actresses.

  6. XD

    I saw “ThatCanadianDude” and was confuss. Then I followed YouTube channel and understood.

    LITTLE DISAPPOINTED I DIDN’T MAKE IT but congrats you other Canadian university student you; do us proud son

  7. Alright! We’ll be getting some actual game soon, right? I have complete faith in you and your team, GabuEx! You’ll surely make one of the most original and spectacular ponygames on the internet.

    Once everything’s finished, can you look into making a version for the mac? I know it’s a lot to ask, but more people everywhere would be able to play this game if you could.

    If you can’t, though, that’s fine, too. Most newer versions of mac have an intel core duo processor, so a lot of people will be able to get this on their macs anyways, but not everyone!

    I look forward to playing (and then reviewing) My Little Investigations. I hope it’s completed soon!

    • Well, that depends on your your definition of “soon”. 😉 Having just put the team together, I can’t really make any meaningful estimate at the moment regarding when I might expect the first case to be done, unfortunately. We’ll definitely keep people updated on progress, though.

      As far as putting it on the Mac goes, you’re in luck! You might’ve missed it, so if so, we recently put up a blog post highlighting the fact that we ported the game in December from C# and XNA to Java and Slick. That means that the game is in fact already on the Mac! So yes, Mac users (and anyone else running an OS with a Java runtime implementation) will definitely be able to play the game.

  8. these are all so good! besides scootaloo but still great! I never audtitoned , are you taking anymore voice actors as a replcement if they are better?

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