The Team

Current Members

Current Members

GabuEx Creative Director / Writer / Programmer / Webmaster
I’ve been a professional software engineer since 2008, an avid gamer since 1990, and an avid brony since June of 2011. Confound these ponies, they drive me to create! My Little Investigations started as just a personal project that I expected maybe a couple people to care about. I had no idea it would get as big as it has, but I’m super psyched that it has! We’ve got big plans ahead that will need a great team to turn them into reality, but I for one have got high hopes for this project. I hope you’ll join me in bringing Equestria to the masses of brony gamers. I couldn’t be more excited to be working on this project!

ZeusAssassin Team Coordinator / Game Designer / Case Designer / Writer
My Little Investigations will most certainly be my big debut role into game development. I’ve always dreamed on working on a major fan-game, but I never found the time and passion to do one due to my tough career path into mechanical engineering. Thanks to the ideas and enthusiasm of GabuEx, my dream has finally been realized with Equestrian Dreamers. I will undoubtedly pour my heart and soul into MLI in order to make sure it becomes the ultimate way to experience Equestria outside of the hit show that brought me here in the first place. Whether the way I it do be through voice acting or just general game design, I will contribute my very best into MLI.

Trot Pilgrim Audio Director
I’ve been a gamer since I first got an SNES in the early ’90s, and I’ve been a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series since I first picked it up in 2007. I’ve been writing music for more than a decade, and I’ve been very inspired by video game composers such as Koji Kondo, and Yasunori Mitsuda. It’s an honor to be working on this project, and I’m looking forward to creating a soundtrack inspired by both the Ace Attorney series, and the show’s wonderful score by William Anderson.

ThatCanadianDude Writer / Voice Actor (Philo Reed, Rover)
Well, this is certainly a shock. A first year media student with delusions of entertaining the masses getting his first big role in a fusion of a Japanese style courtroom dramedy and a television show aimed at the 5-12 female demographic. Fortunately, I happen to be a huge fan of both Ace Attorney and My Little Pony, so it all works out in the end. Despite my ongoing media education, my true passions have always been gaming and performing. I’ve sung and acted on stage, sang with choirs, performed musical theatre, but nothing beyond little local performance groups. Now, I’ve come to the internet with the hopes of bringing entertainment to the masses, and this seems like a fantastic place to start. I look forward to seeing a finished project we can all be proud of and that will entertain all who play it.

HallowGazer Concept Artist
I’m a grafic-design student, passionate about comic and manga-art since I can think back and I’ve been enjoying video-games since about as long. Since 2011, I’m also a fan of My Little Pony after I coincidentaly stumpled across the relaunch of the series. I consider My Little Investigations a great opportunity to contribute artistically to a project created by fans for fans. It will be the first great project I’ve been working on in my free time and I’m excited to be part of this and see it through from start to finish. As a fellow brony, I’ll be sure to put my best effort into the faces and expressions of the ponies we all know and love.

Abion47 Vector Artist
I guess there are three shocks here: that I’m a vector artist, that I’m mart of a game dev team, and that game is about My Little Pony. I’m a pretty young brony having just started in June, but that didn’t stop me from diving in head first to its awesome community. By trade and education, I’m a programmer, but my true goal is to someday be a video game designer, and to that end I have been learning as many aspects related to that as possible. I’ve gotten my feet wet with acting and story designing, and more recently I’ve started picking up music and artistic design as well. I never thought that I would be able to test my merit on a real game so soon, much less one with such an amazing premise as this! Thanks to GabuEx and ZeusAssassin for thinking I am worth something, and to TehJadeh for all her help. This team is amazing!

Pony Tim Vector Artist / Animator
I remember submitting my test animation to be on this project. I was taking my first class in Flash and thought it would be a fun exercise to practice. Of course for a project as awesome as My Little Investigations they would find an amazing animator. True I had taken a traditional animation class and a 3D animation class years ago, but that was back when I was a full-time college student. I did my best and waiting for the inevitable rejection. Imagine my surprise when I was asked to be an animator for MLI!

I became a brony about a year ago because of a friend, Pat. He convinced me to give it a try, and after a few episodes I was hooked. I stayed out of actively participating in the brony movement as long as I could, thinking” how could I contribute?” But then I staffed for Everfree Northwest and participated in Equestria Daily’s Artist Training Ground and was inspired to keep going. Now, I’m an editor for the shipping and Handling audio play and an animator for MLI. I’ve started drawing again after a long hiatus, not only of pony art but of more traditional art subjects.

Ponies have inspired me to get back into art and try and make something of myself. I dream one day to be a video game artist, and MLI and the brony community is helping me live that dream and reach my goals. Never give up, and even if you don’t think you have what it takes, try it anyway. Who knows, you just might have what it takes after all.

Pirill Vector Artist / Cutscene Artist
Hello everyone! I’m not the best at writing descriptions so I’ll keep it pretty short. I have never really been an artist prior to ponies, it was the show and the fandom who got the creative gears turning, and since I happened to have a cheap drawing tablet on hand I decided to give drawing a shot in order to give something back to the fandom which brought me so many good moments. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, still ponying as hard as I can, always meeting new friends and trying to learn a bit more about art while I’m at it! (at least whenever video games or procrastination doesn’t get the better of me, heh) I look forward to continue doing this with the amazing MLI team, and hope you enjoy my work as much as I will enjoy creating it.
Arken Vector Artist
Greetings fellow bronies! My name is Marco Antonio, I live in Mexico and I still can’t believe I’m part of this amazing project!

I started watching the show while I was in high school, back in 2011. I’m a mechatronics engineering student but ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to work making video games, (either that or stop motion movies) so I’m always making research on animation, pixel art, 3D design, sculpture and programming. I was making some animation research and a friend of mine showed me an episode of season one, I instantly fell in love with applejack the show, I’ve always been more of a builder than an artist so I had never tried to use vectors on any artistic way, I only used them for mechanical design and to make building plans for my stuff, but ponies inspired me to try vector art.

I’ve always been a big fan of adventure games like Tomb raider and investigation games like Fatal Frame but I have never played Ace Attorney, when I found about this game on a brony forum and tried case one my mind was blown, I got hooked and waiting for case two and that was all, I never thought that I would end up collaborating in such an awesome piece of code! I thank Gabu for letting me on board of this ship. I won’t let you guys down.

Yanoda Vector Artist
Hello everyone.

I haven’t been much of an artist for many years before being part of the fandom and starting vectoring by the end of 2011. Since 2012, I’ve been an administrator of the MLP-VectorClub team on DeviantArt. Over the years, I’ve been helping fellow and new vector artists by teaching them how to use Illustrator, making tutorials, providing useful resources, and improving their skills. Over the years, I’ve met several good friends through the fandom and it has been a blast so far (including the drama, ups and downs etc.). I’m looking forward to being part of the MLI team.

maximussolini Animator
Hi everyone! Who would’ve though, that an old guy like me, will start animating ponies one day? XD After wasting a big chunk of my life on playing games and watching videos on YT, one animation changed my life completely XD It was a “Smile HD” animation (Interesting first time, isn’t it? XD). After that, I started watching MLP. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show, but I still enjoyed it. What kept me in the fandom though, was stuff that the fans were doing: drawings, music and finally, the animations. When I realized, that most of these people are amateurs and they’re doing it for fun, I wanted to try that too. After some practice (and a few tutorials from YT) I did my first animation ever. It was a disaster XD Even though, I kept working on my skills and right now, I can finally make something decent 8)

I really enjoyed the first case in “My little Investigations”, so when I found they’re recruiting, I just had to try and it turned out, that I was good enough ^^ Now I just have to prove, they weren’t wrong 8)

PonyArtist Background & Prop Artist
When I was 10 I did a drawing that totally impressed my big brother and that was it! I was going to be an artist when I grew up. In high school I won several awards for my paintings and enrolled in University to earn a fine arts degree. But somewhere along the way I realized that I just didn’t know what I wanted paint. What ever could be worth putting onto that big white canvas that anyone would care about? So I took up a “real” career, learning to play with numbers instead of paint. But in my heart the artist still lives and at last I’ve found something fantastic to paint! Simple and wonderful at the same time, MLI Pony Places are full of colour, space and — mystery. What happens next? Let’s build this game and find out!

Hyderpony Audio Engineer
Hey there I am Hyderpony (Mark Hyder) I am a London base pony. I work for a Uk supermarket.

My fav pony is Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

I am a BIG YouTuber and a reacter.

Thenewworldman Audio Engineer
(Coming soon.)
PrincessRil Voice Actress (Twilight Sparkle, Jenny Juniper)
I have been acting and singing since I was very young, but only began work as a freelance voice actress in 2010. I provide voices for various fandubs, original animation, fan based productions, and independent video games, as well as sing in several groups on Youtube. I am very excited to be a part of the team and will absolutely do my very best!

LoveKiku Voice Actress (Rarity, Sweetie Belle)
Ever since my boyfriend got me into it, My Little Pony has pretty much been a part of my daily routine! I’ve been auditioning for voice acting anypony and everypony on My Little Pony fan projects and this will most certainly be the one I’m most proud of! I would like to thank GabuEx, ZeusAssassin, and the rest of the crew for hiring me as this will be my debut into the voice acting world, and I will work my best for you all! Thank you, everypony!

Heather Feathersong Voice Actress (Applejack, Trixie, Sapphire Shores)
Hey there and hello! I’ve been voice acting for relatively a good amount of years, starting off doing small things with shamefully nothing but a laptop mic and doing anime dubs and machininma’s just for fun, but as I got better and saw better projects I decided to get serious. It was then everything happened kind of at once, for as I got a new microphone, one of my favorite abridgers PurpleeyesWTF had referenced something odd, it looked like my little pony which I had heard of and seen commercials for it but I can’t recall ever watching the older stuff. Curious about what and why he kept referencing something so odd I checked it out and from that day I have been part of the fandom ever since. Not only am I voicing projects now, but also creating and leading others, especially in the fan studio Bogyle Bronies, in which I am a Director/Producer and have been for quite some time. Gabu came to me a long time ago to audition, even after all this time, I still wanted to give it a shot and glad I did. I will do my best as these characters and hope you all enjoy my performance and the overall work of the amazing people that I will be working with.

Cerridwen Voice Actress (Lyrica Lilac)
For me, MLP started out as a curiosity in early 2012, and at first glance the pony’s designs and how they interacted with their environment confused me. (How the heck do they pick up stuff with their hooves?!) Yet, slowly, but surely the show infected my lifestyle in more ways than one. It made me aware of Tara Strong and the versatility of her fantastic voice. She made me want to play and experiment with my voice, hence the amateur voice actress you see before you. The show also corrupted me artistically, and gave me the vector bug, creating ponies and other fun designs. I’ve even been caught drawing ponies at work on post-it notes!

GloryOfTheRainWings Voice Actress (Royal Ribbon, Spike)
(Coming soon.)

AnnaChloeM Voice Actress (Princess Celestia)
Hello, lovely people visiting this website and now reading my blurb! I am a voice actress living in the UK, currently doing this as a hobby, but really wanting to pursue it further. I started watching MLP at the end of Season 2 back in 2012, after curiosity got the better of me. I, of course loved it, and now a lot of my time goes to ponies. Maybe too much time. Previous voice-over projects I have been in include: My Little Portal (Episode 5), Bride of Discord (Audio Series), Princess Trixie Sparkle (Audio Series) and a plethora of fan-fiction readings and comic dubs. This is my first game job, and I am so excited, and hope you enjoy the game!

Icyfire888 Voice Actress (Aunt Orange)
I have been acting and singing on stage since I was young, but this is my debut as a voice actress. I am so overjoyed! I was first introduced to both MLP: FIM and Ace Attorney by good friends of mine and ever since then, I have been avidly following both fandoms. They have influenced my art, sewing, lyric writing and may or may not have caused a glitter explosion in my room. I’m shy but acting has created an outlet for my self-expression. I would like to thank Gabu, ZeusAssassin and the rest of the team for giving me this wonderful opportunity and I will try my best!

DaWillstanator Voice Actor (Gustave le Grand, Caesar)
Hi everyone! I try to be a jack of all trades, so to speak. I’m a brony, voice actor, stage actor, singer, video producer, part-time rapper, etc. I have been acting since Kindergarten in various stage plays, musicals, speech tournaments and have even been with a child modeling agency during middle school. Always having a knack for making goofy voices and imitations since I was 5, I started to pursue voice acting as a career since 2010. I have always wanted to hear my voice in something that can entertain a massive audience, having taken part in various fanworks, fandubs, songs, animations, etc; and the opportunity to be a part of My Little Investigations seemed to good to pass up. I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Equestrian Dreamers & the MLI team for letting me be a part in quite possibly one of my biggest projects yet!

TheHeroOfMobius Voice Actor (Dim Delite)
Oh gosh, where do I even begin with this enormous bio? For starters, I’ve been acting on stage in school productions ever since I was in first grade, and I discovered and fell in love with voice acting only a couple of years ago. Ever since then, I’ve been working to hone my craft, dreaming someday of going professional with it. Until then, I manage a YouTube channel where I post various thingamabobbers, mostly related to voice acting, and provide my voice to many a project on the Interwebs. As my username suggests, I am a Sonic fan, though no longer to the obsessive degree that I was a few years ago. Nowadays, I try to branch out to many other fandoms…even if MLP has pretty much garnered most of my attention. My main other interests include metal music, Kamen Rider, any foods with the words “red velvet” in them. This is actually my very first video game project to have ever been casted in, and it’s a great honor to work with such amazing people.


dawnmew Technical Designer / Programmer
I’ve been playing video games since I was two, and programming for almost as long! Due to my tendency to have way too much free time, I search the internet for programming projects that interest me and try to help in any way I can. Since I’m an avid pegasister and a big fan of the Ace Attorney/Investigations series as well, I was all over the My Little Investigations project shortly after it was announced. I joined up to help port My Little Investigations from XNA to Java (and thus allow it to work on non-Windows computers), but I’m here to stay now that the port is well underway – and looking forward to watching everypony enjoy the finished game!

WarpOut Art Director
Hi! I my name is WarpOut (Steven Hanssen) and I am a 2D/3D animation student. Born, raised and living in Belgium. I have been an electrician for 2 years, but being a gamer, drawing- and animation-artist in my free time I chose to change my life and go back to school to study game-design. Having achieved that goal I am now studying Animation-artist. I became a brony on april 2010 thanks to a dear friend. Taking my life decision seriously, I am giving my fullest to make a name for myself and strengthen my abilities as much as I can. Thanks to Equestrian Dreamers I have now that possibility and I am very psyched to give it my all and do what love I do with these talented people in order to bring this amazing brony community a game worth playing.

TehJadeh Dialog Character Artist
I am a currently a student trying to get into animation school, I’ve been a gamer since I was at least four, and a brony since September 2011. Since I have so much spare time, I jumped the chance to audition for MLI, being a big fan of Ace Attorney/Investigations and MLP:FiM. I’m new to the scene of voice acting, (still seeing where my voice can take me) but it has always been a clear interest to me. I never thought I would ever be working on a project like this! Big thanks to GabuEx and the team for choosing me! I look forward to working with everyone and making this game the best it can be!

ArtsyFeathers Vector Artist
(Coming soon.)

Megamanhxh Animator
Howdy! I’m Megamanhxh, an IT student Majored programming field at the Polytechnic in my country (Bahrain), and a 2D animation hobbyist. I usually spend my time on learning other things than my field, and my tendencies for the animations more than anything. I have started animating when the show MLP:FiM finished the third season, and I technically call myself a fan of My Little Pony at that time. I have explored the Brony community, and watched so many fans-animations/games/projects there. Not gonna hide this but, the show My Little Pony is what inspired me to start animating and learning all the principles of the animation.

I have joined on many fan projects, and participated in many local competitions, mostly game designing competitions. This time, I have got an opportunity to join equestriadreamers team, and work with them on developing the game My Little Investigations. Who will ignore this opportunity? I won’t, and I will do my best !!

Rautakoura Cutscene Artist
Your run-of-the-mill brony with a penchant for sudden bursts of furious scribbling, I’ve been a fan of the show since January of 2011. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a kid, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to take part in a creation of a game, preferably as an concept artist, or an illustrator of some kind. Really liking the Phoenix Wright series, when I heard of this game for the first time and saw the engine demos, I knew I wanted to try it out. Never imagined I would actually be given a chance to take part in this project though! Creating the best possible art for this game is my goal, and I will try hard not to disappoint!

X-Trav Audio Engineer
Hello everyone! I’ve been playing with sound all my life and in more recent years, actually working with it. Being an obsessive gamer and a brony, My Little Investigations seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to hone my skills. Whether sound effects or music, I’m always willing to set to work and improve where I can. Sound to me, is my most important sense and I hope to show everyone just how enjoyable sound can be.

ShadTK Audio Engineer
You may call me Shad, or Marcos, or “that one dude wearing a coconut hat”. Born in Brazil(hu3), and still living, I study the magics of patterns, behaviors and illusions, be them on Visual arts, Sound arts, Game design, or Mathematics in general. My current focus is on the sound area of things, specifically on sound effects. I have a degree on Digital Games Design, and my Course Completion Thesis was on “How Sound Effects affect player behavior”. I plan on developing this thesis further as I advance on my academic career. I also have a soundcloud of sorts? There are some experiments and gamejam tracks there, if you are curious about my musical capacities.

I’m here to balance the game audio and make bad puns. And I’m all out of puns. *shades*. Really though, I loved this game when I first played, all the jokes and confrontations, and dear god the soundtrack. When I heard MLI was recruiting for Audio, I became very excited. The chance to work side by side with Trot Pilgrim? That sounds AWESOME! Not only that, but I’m very excited to work with a team who managed to make such a polished game as this one. I hope I can learn and practice a lot of things here.

All I really want is to do my best to help make this game the best it can be. If I can help, in any way, I will. And if I can’t… Well, I’ll go replenish my stock of puns.

Flootershai Voice Actress (The Mayor)
I guess I’d consider myself a gamer and geek first, and an amateur VA second! MLI will be my second MLP project as a voice, and I couldn’t be more proud. Mostly my talent as a voice, MLP or otherwise, goes to use for the entertainment of my friends and equally Brony husband, the latter of which plays the guitar while I sing (sometimes in character, much to his delight). My other talents are rather varied– like Fluttershy I have a “freaky knowledge of sewing” and a good hand with pets (I train my friends’). I do the rare cosplay, and although I consider myself a shy person, I have been known to rise to the occasion and plan the larger pony meets for my state.

HoodedYellowPony Voice Actor (Fido, Spot)
I have to admit that I’m relatively new to the herd, as I only fell into the fandom in November 2011, but it is a group that I love to be a part of, and have dived headfirst into. However, there has been a lot of talent displayed from the fandom, and I figured it was time that I contributed to this new group that I call a family. I’ve always had a drive for voice acting, but never really had the self-confidence to audition for roles before these confounded ponies gave me the assurance that I could do it. And here I am! I am so very happy to say that this is my first major project, but hopefully not the last. A big thanks to Gabu, Zeus and the rest of the team for granting me this fantastic opportunity, and I hope to not let them down!

Mickwhitefire28 Voice Actor (Uncle Orange)
(Coming soon.)

BreeFaith Voice Actress (Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom)
In summer 2009 I was introduced to the world of voice over acting, and since then I haven’t been able to turn away, desiring to pursue it past a hobby. In the summer of 2011, I was introduced to the My Little Pony fandom and have been steadyly involved in it and fan projects. Besides my new role in My Little Investigations, my other credits include The Fiends from Dream Valley, On Cross and Arrow, Epic Cupcake Time, Epic Pie Time, My Little Pony: Love is Magic and various comic dubs. I also appeared at BroNYcon in January 2012 as a guest to premiere Epic Pie Time. I can’t be more excited to get to work on My Little Investigations as both a video game and My Little Pony fan! Besides Voice Over and My Little Pony, I also enjoy video games, Magic the Gathering, Anime, Cosplay, cooking and History (as it is my major! ;D).

Carmen Voice Actress (Fluttershy, Masquerade)
I was pretty late to the craze; I became a brony June of 2013. Then somewhere between loving the show and being silly with impersonations of the characters, I started voice acting a month later. Since then I’ve met so many talented people, learned a lot about the field of VA, and have taken part in many awesome projects, both pony and non-pony. In the future, I hope to take this voice acting hobby and turn it into a possible career.

Other things I enjoy include singing (my first ever big passion, and I’m still very big on it!), musicals (I never miss local Broadway tours’ performances!), cartoons, anime, conventions, and simply being a goofball (: I’m beyond thankful to be able to take part in making My Little Investigations the amazing game that it is.

DivinexRose Voice Actress (Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo)
Not very good with these small bios, so please bare with me. I have been voice acting for almost 4 years (started in around 2008), and I still enjoy it to this day. I also enjoy writing stories very much, since I was a little girl, and I do a bit of graphic designing for fun. I have a lot of other hobbies, but the following three is what you’ll mostly see me do.

For My Little Pony, I’ve been in faithful to since the very old classic series long ago. I used to collect all the ponies and movies, and when I saw Friendship is Magic, I was very happy to hear about it, and keep up to date with episodes since then. I’m an avid fan, but not crazy obsessed. I love Rainbow Dash and Ashleigh Ball so much, and I’m honored to be playing as her in My Little Investigations.