Recruitment Update – November 2017

Hello everyone!

It has been a while, but we’d like to announce the members of our team!

Rainbow Dash VA – Kiles-The-Geek
Pinkie Pie VA – Adversaria
Uncle Orange VA – Pretzleman718
Masquerade VA – Icyfire888
Fluttershy VA – Adversaria
Animator – age3rcm

Once more, we have an open position ready to fill here on our team. Please see the recruitment page for more information on how to apply.

The deadline to apply is Saturday, December 23rd. We will make our decision around the new year.

Thanks for staying tuned to this front page. We hope to deliver more promising news over the next couple of months.

9 thoughts on “Recruitment Update – November 2017

  1. Thank goodness you guys are still working on this game. I love phoenix wright and mlp together like the turabout storm series. I stayed at my computer watching the whole 2 and a half hours ending episode the day it released. I can’t wait to play episode 2 of this and hopefully at the end it will have a lead in to episode 3.

  2. I have been checking this page every week and just as i thought it was dead you posted 😀 thank god
    btw is Masquerade supposed to be the pony version of Mask☆DeMasque? cuz the name kinda sounds like that

  3. So… have you made your decision? And are you guys even alive? xD

    I mean, people are waiting for Case 2 over here. 😉

  4. Happy 2018, can’t wait for the next case, one of the better pony games I’ve found. Wish you guys the best, and keep up the good work, and if it’s not too much to ask, can we have a status update, just to see where you guys are, I’ll wait patiently for as long as need be but it will be easier if I have some kind of baseline to work from.

  5. What?! You guys are still around??

    I haven’t heard you guys for a while until i came to check after I watched Blank Slate played the first case of My Little Investigation recently.

    Like wow…but I’m actually glad to see that you are still around. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting the next case to be rush or be done any time soon. Every project like this comes with a pace and time so I wish you and your team good luck on it!

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