Meet the characters: Royal Ribbon

Hey, everyone! No, we’re not dead – we’re still very much alive and coming along. I’m really sorry that we haven’t been posting much on the front page – I take full responsibility for that; work on the game has still been chugging along, but after coming home from my job, working on case 2… creating more work for myself is never high on my list of things that I actively want to do, so I never really want to do another post right now, but then today becomes tomorrow, and a week goes by, and… well, yeah. I’m sorry, everyone – I know it sucks to not hear anything about something you care about. So! Let’s try to break that silence. And get back to our characters.

You ready, interviewer?


All right, well, today, we’ve got the bubbly Royal Ribbon. Take it away!

Royal Ribbon

Profession: Waitress

Employer: Grand Gastronomie du Griffon

Likes: Obscure things, fangirling about obscure things

Dislikes: Hard work

So, Miss Ribbon, tell us about yourself.
*laugh* Yes, Miss Ribbon, you’re on TV, but that doesn’t tell us much about YOU, does it?
Oh! Right right right! Oh gosh, I am SO NERVOUS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *pant* *pant* Okay! I’m composed! SO VERY COMPOSED!
So! So so so so so so! Guess what? I work at the Grand Gastronomie du Griffon! Which is, like, only the BEST RESTAURANT IN MANEHATTAN.
Yup yup! It’s a pretty awesome gig, gotta say.
Oh! Do I have another line?
Well, that’s… *ahem* not much to go on. Do you have any, y’know, hobbies, or interests, or anything?
Weeeeeell… I like music! A lot! Yay! Music!
Like Sound Science! Or Diamond Diva! Ooo, ooo, do you wanna be DIAMOND DIVA PALS? We can trade albums! Become best friends! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
I’m afraid that I haven’t really heard of her.
Pffft. Well YEAH! She’s only like the bestest best artist EVER. Most ponies are off listening to BORING music.

*cough* So, um, how’d you come to be waitressing at a place like this?
Well, honestly, I owe a lot of that to Masquerade. She’s another waitress here, and we’re BESTIES! Yaaaay!
We’re actually college roomates together, yup yup! I’m majoring in theater. She’s all boring, majoring in math. Like, yaaawn, am I right?
Buuuut we get along great! She likes going to shows with me, and I… well, I guess I don’t really do a whole lot for her.
Not like I could help her with her math homework. SO MANY WEIRD SYMBOLS YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
How’d you feel when you met her as your roommate? She seems… subdued.
Oh, we got along GREAT! I like to talk, and she likes to listen! Works perfectly!
That’s… an interesting premise for a friendship.
Whaaaaaat? Are you insinuating something, buster?
No no! Just saying.
Oh, though I DO stand outside the exam room when she’s taking her final exams. I get out my pom-poms and go, “WOOOOOOO! GO MASQUERADE! YAAAAAAAAAY YOU MATH THOSE THINGS!”
Well, at least I try to. The exam adjudicator doesn’t really like that much. Oh well! I do what I can!

So, you said you’re majoring in theater? What sorts of things do you do?
Well, lots of speaking! SO MUCH SPEAKING!
Fortunately, I love speaking!
But, you know, lots of English, some debate practice, some improv theater, that sort of stuff. And I’m always in the production of a play.
Right now, it’s Brigalune, the story of a mare who finds love on the moon, but you can go there only ONCE IN A THOUSAND YEARS, and she MESSES UP WITH THE STALLION and has to LEAVE! OH NO! It’s so sad!
Buuut then it all works out in the end!
I play a villager who sells wheat and barley. Who knows, maybe this could be MY BREAKOUT PERFORMANCE!
Maybe a big talent agent will point at me and be all, “YEAH! THAT MARE SELLING THAT WHEAT AND BARLEY! SHE’S OUR NEXT STAR!” And then I get a starring role in a HUGE PLAY AT CARNEIGHGIE HALL and everything’s AWESOME.
Or, y’know, something like that.
What year are you in?
Second! Which is the BEST YEAR!
Why is that?
‘Cause it’s the year that I’m in! Duh! Next year it’ll be the third year.
*laugh* Of course! So, do you have anything you like to do in your spare time?
Writing! I like doing screenplays!
I mean, they’re making me take so much English that I figure I should at least put it to SOME use, y’know?
Anyhow, I’m working on a big play! It’ll be set in the ANCIENT PAST, and it’ll feature, like, lots of sword fights! Clang clang slash!
Oh, and ROMANCE! Between a barbarian and a noblemare! It’s love that can never be! So tragic! SO EXCITING! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

That sounds like an… interesting… premise.
Yup! And there’s another one I’m making that involves PIRATE PONIES! With sword fights! Ooo, ooo, and there’s this one pirate pony who meets with a noblemare, and it’s-
Love that can never be?
Uh, sure! A-Anyway, do you have any final thoughts for our viewers before we head out?
*giggle* I always wanted to say that on TV! Yaaaay! Check that one off the ol’ list!
Oh, and check out Diamond Diva! Her solo work, not when she was in a band! SO MUCH BETTER. You won’t regret it! Take it from me!
Hiiii, mom! I’m on TV! WHOOOO!
O-Okay, I think that’s all the time we have! Thanks, Royal Ribbon!
No no no, thank YOU! Catch you laterrrr!

15 thoughts on “Meet the characters: Royal Ribbon

  1. Well, she certainly seems like fun. XD

    Glad to know you guys are still working hard. The wait for this case is agonizing!

  2. Honestly, just knowing you guys are still going is more then enough to satisfy me. Seeing so many other projects from other people and groups die off unceremoniously, it’s pretty much expected at this point. This is the only ‘pony’ related thing I’ve actually been excited about and looking forward to. So knowing that progress is still being made (regardless of speed), makes me happy to see. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to see what comes in the future, cause I’ll be there.

  3. I like her already. I mean, we have so much in common! We even both write in our spare time! I mean, sure, I am writing (or rather trying to write) YA novels, not plays, but our stories have so similar premises!… Well, maybe my stories have less sword fights and more outwitting ones opponents, and less romance with more friendship. But still, SO MUCH IN COMMON!
    Can’t wait to meet Royal Ribbon during Case 2!

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