Gameplay teaser and demo announcement!

May 5.

We’re now prepared to announce that that is the official targeted date of the case 1 demo of My Little Investigations. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it’ll be available for download right here on that date.

For now, however, enjoy a gameplay teaser while you wait:

24 thoughts on “Gameplay teaser and demo announcement!

  1. Ok, this looks awesome! Applebloom was blinking on the (whatever you call the non-conversation screens. I don’t want to say world map, but I can’t think of the term.)! Great attention to detail there. This is going to be SO. AWESOME! [/Rainbow Dash]

  2. I cant wait for May 5th. It looked superb, the backgrounds and foregrounds, the characters, the music, really, I wasent very sure about the interogation music until the piano started, it sounds very good and original. Everything looks awesome. The only thing I might say is that ponyville looks….kinda….deserted? Maybe it needs some random ponnies to make it look livelier, pretty mutch every game as random characters standing around or walking or talking amongs themselves. (Pokemon, AceAttorney Investigation 1 and 2 at the top of my head)

    • HA! I reckognize the interogation theme here, it was inspired by Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney`s testimony theme. No wonder I like the theme so mutch. LOVE IT!

  3. You know what? I’d actually say the field music sounds a bit off without effects added in for the motion, like hoofsteps. I dunno, it just makes it feel a bit muted. Matter of preference, I suppose.

  4. 1st thought: That flank! xD
    2nd thought: I love the sound of the text! Nostalgic!
    3rd thought: I wanna play this!
    4th thought: Phoenix Wright.

  5. YES.

    Now I have no reason to not finish up the Poki Pony Panic series. I HAVE to do this–or at least stream it, barring circumstances to download it come Cinco de Mayo.

  6. What happened to the music Confrontation, i kinda miss that…
    Maybe just you know if it ain’t too much to ask you can switch out the music in game or something i mean if you want to.

  7. Hey, it’s courageous to make a game on your own (I do not know what kind of tool you have but good luck!) and I wonder out if you’ll make the game in another language than english? (I could help for the french if yes n_n)

    • and I could do Czech xD
      but if they will need someone for translate they will absolutely let us know

  8. it’s today for now it is now out yay and it is cool that is out yay i don’t need that thing any more……..
    i love it is out now

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