Meet the Voice Actors!

Hi, all!

In order to get the voice actors for case 1 immediately to work, we all agreed that a fun project to do might be to do a little promo video to feature the voice actors that you’ll be hearing from in the case. I’m happy to report that it’s now done, so here it is for you to enjoy:

We hope to have more from you soon, but we hope this might tide you over until then!

25 thoughts on “Meet the Voice Actors!

  1. im kinda thinking that the voice actors arent really good. They dont sound like the characters (except for the diamond dogs, they are voiced good.) if you look at the mlp phoenix wright crossover vid at youtube you see that voice actors can be a whole lot better. But thats my opinion. I dont say that they are bad, i just dont like them. ANONYMOUS

  2. I just want to say that nothing I say here means the voice actors are bad. The problem with finding sound-alikes is that they’re so rare it’s impossible to find a perfect match. The voice actors are doing their best, and a really wonderful job, they just don’t all sound close enough to the characters.

    Pinkie Pie – PERFECT MATCH. I was shocked that she sounded so close to the original! Perhaps it was a bad idea to put her up first, it raised my expectations for the rest a bit too high…

    Twilight – Not too bad. She doesn’t really remind me of the real Twi, but maybe after playing the game for a while I’d get used to it.

    Rainbow Dash – Not really close. This kind of voice is REALLY hard to find, so this is a pretty good result, but fact is it’s not so close. (by the way, you could try a liiittle harder to sound like Rainbow Dash – you sound more like Scootaloo the way you pronounce the words)
    Actually, you’d make a *perfect* Scootaloo.

    Rarity – Well… She’s English! Not bad, not much more to say. The voice is kinda off but not too noticeably. (Make sure the writing fits Rarity, or the voice sounds much less fitting. Otherwise it fits great)
    Notice 4:15 though… Rarity has a deeper voice than this. At 3:56 she sounds nearly perfect though!

    Sweetie Belle – Sorry, not even close. She has a REALLY high-pitched, squeaky voice. At 1:30 I still can’t be sure if it’s her talking or not, and that’s after watching it 5+ times.

    Scootaloo – Not as perfect as DivinexRose’s voice (Rainbow Dash’s voice). Seriously, switch them over or something. (also there’s nothing wrong with one person doing more than one voice)

    Apple Bloom – It’s good. The voice fits great, the acting fits great. Awesome job!

    The Mayor – It gives me the feeling that if the actress tried harder she could reach much more amazing results. Currently the voice is fine (the mayor speaks infrequently enough in the show, so it would probably be unnoticeable after the first minute of her talking in the game). Also be careful when writing her – she’s silly and childish often.

    The Dogs – It’s been a while since I saw that episode, but they sound great. 🙂

    Okay, that’s my honest criticism… I am a very nitpicky person, so my sincerest apologies if this is overly negative. Don’t forget that you are all AWESOME, each and every one of you, and your game will turn out AMAZING whether you listen to what I said or not. I’m just saying my opinion in case you want to make it even better, not because I don’t think you did a good (amazing) job.

    • I second everything NeatNit said, except that twilight’s voice is a little too deep (it sounds off, not sure in what way exactly), but otherwise awesome!

    • I agree on the most part; personally Applebloom seemed a bit too… well, hillbilly-ish. Toning down the southern accent should help with that a lot. What I was surprised with were Pinkie Pie and the diamond dogs, they were as close to a perfect match as I can see possible.

    • I do agree with NeatNit’s statements.
      Pinkie Pie and the diamond dogs were all pretty much perfect. The Mayor and Apple Bloom need to be fixed up slightly. Twilight and Rarity could use some extra treatment, but am I the only one who thinks Twilight sounds like Friendship is Witchcraft’s Twilight (it SAYS they are different VA’s)?
      However, Sweetie Belle sounds more like Twist (which is actually what I thought because I first listened to the video before seeing the visuals) and so I really suggest working on that VA. And, as NeatNit stated, Rainbow Dash needs some rearranging.

  3. Just to clarify about Sweetie Belle – I meant she’s SUPPOSED to have a really high-pitched squeaky voice.

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    Oh, and I forgot to criticize one voice. Sorry!

    GabuEx – Horrible. It sounds NOTHING like the character! Sometimes I wonder if you even tried…

    • I know, right? I plan on firing whoever did GabuEx’s voice. What a horrible, awful mess that guy did.

      …But seriously, thanks so much for the feedback – that was an awfully epic post you made there!

  4. Whoever did Pinkie is just perfect.
    Twilight started pretty good, lost it a little further through, but with a bit of work it’ll be there.
    Dashie was hit and miss, the pitch needs a little work but the pronunciation was there.
    Sweetie Belle. Well, we’ll let you work on that.
    Rarity sounded far too like my mother, lose the Britishness and it’d be there

    Rather impressive on the whole!

  5. Oh man. This game is going to be SO AWESOME. Are Applejack and Fluttershy going to be in the game or have you just not found voice actors for them yet?

    • Applejack and Fluttershy aren’t in case 1, so we haven’t gotten voice actors for them yet. They will definitely appear in subsequent cases though, so don’t worry.

  6. this is just my opinion, but you got a BONUS when you Cast Flootershai as the mayor, because she Voiced Pinkie Pie in the Ponyinbox Productions audio Play “Doctor Whooves in Crossed Wires” so if BreeFaith ever gets sick and loses her voice, Equestrian Dreamers has a SPARE Pinkie Pie Voice!

  7. Humm…If I get this streight, the whole game will be voiced? Could I make one sugestion? Add a voice mute button that could replace the voices by beeping sounds like it did in the gameplay demos, im not saying the voice actresses are bad, but…some people like myself would rather play it the old fashioned way Ace Attorney provided us all. Listening to those voices the whole game would probably get on my nerves. Thats just me tho. So anyway, have a mute voice button as an option so we can atleast still have the sound effects and music playing but not the voices. Thanks for reading. ^^;;

  8. Again Gabu: You really need to get some help. Talking to imaginary ponies from a children’s cartoon show is a good sign of insanity.

    I already pointed out the mistakes I noticed on the forum. I just really love the video.

  9. This is one of those hit-or-miss kinds of things…. unfortunately, I must admit that this is a miss in my book. The only voice actors I really liked were Applebloom and the Diamond Dogs. Rainbow Dash actually sounded more like Scootaloo than Scootaloo’s voice actor herself.

    I like the enthusiasm of everyone, I guess. Rarity and Pinkie Pie have the same enthusiasm, but I don’t think their voices are… that great.

  10. For a fan-made game, these VAs are fantastic.

    The diamond dogs and pinkie are especially spot on, but I don’t see a problem with any of the others.

  11. Pretty good overall. Ok I guess I will go in order of appearance

    Pinkie – Astounding. A great VA and can bring that pinkie energy.
    Twilight – Im torn on this one. Most of her regular speaking lines are good though as she got excited, she stopped sounding like Twilight Sparkle.
    Rainbow Dash – I can tell she can pull it off.May have to have her submit a few takes so that you can get the perfect one but I think it will work out.
    Rarity – One of the hardest voices to pull off. Its decent. I can tell it is suppose to be Rarity so thats good but I dont think I’ve heard any fan VAs pull it off perfect yet.
    Sweetie Belle – I am sorry to say that I do not think it is a good fit. Just listening I could not tell it was suppose to be Sweetie. I think you may need to find another VA for her.
    Scootaloo – Her I could tell was suppose to be scoots. I think if you have anyone that can edit audio you should adjust her voice to be a little higher than it would be really good.
    Applebloom – Really good. I think she pulled it off fairly well.
    Mayor – Good. Mayor has only had a few lines in the show but the VA sounded close enough that I dont think anyone can complain.
    Rover – Great, really has the inflection down.
    Fido – Really good. Perfect VA.
    Spot – Perfection. Did you somehow get the actual VA from the show to do this? 😉

    Well glad you have such a good team behind you and looking forward to seeing more from this project.

  12. But I wanted to voice Rainbow Dash! Q^Q I can totally voice her! My friend pegasister was really surprised that I can voice all the mane 6 Q^Q… and I wanted to be a voice actress when I grow up…

  13. I liked all of the voices, but I have to say, it was Pinkie Pie that was closest to the original. Keep up the good work!

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