Welcome our two new team members!!!

Hello everypony! Apologies for not having posted things about MLI in a while, but we would like to formally introduce two new members of the team.

The first new member is Pony Tim. He is our new Field Character Artist/Animator and is currently WarpOut’s apprentice. Our second new member is Abion47. He is our new Dialogue Character Artist and will focus on helping the vectoring process along with TehJadeh.

We are super excited to have more power on the artistic front. This will greatly aid in speeding up development time for this case and beyond, as well as keep stress levels to a minimum. So, please join me in giving them a warm welcome to Equestrian Dreamers!

We look forward to releasing more info pertaining to MLI soon. So, please continue to be patient!

Field Character Artist Recruitment Reopens!

GIF Created by: WarpOut

Hey everypony, Equestrian Dreamers needs your assistance once again! That is why we have decided to recruit for another field character artist for the team to help WarpOut. So, check out all of the details you need to apply on the recruitment page at this link.


Recruitment will close on September 23rd at 12 AM PST! Please feel free to ask any questions as necessary. We will be happy to answer them as soon as we can. Good luck everypony and we look forward to your submissions!