We’re recruiting artists!

Hello, everypony!

As the title suggests, we’re looking to bring a couple new artists on board! We’ve got a lot to get done for case 2, and as a result, we’ve been feeling like it’d be best to recruit another vector artist and an animator in order to lighten the load on our current artists. To that end, we’re opening recruitment for those positions, starting from now until the end of Sunday, September 13 (27 for animators). You can visit this page for all the details, including how to apply and where to apply. I encourage anyone interested to apply, even if you’re not sure – you never know!

We look forward to your applications!

Equestrian Dreamers: The Classified Files Part 5


At long last, it’s time to honor another one of the team’s alumni. This is Rautakoura’s final message to the fans of MLI, so I hope you are ready to hear some more insight from the team! I have nothing but praise for his incredible work in the cutscene art, setting the bar high for his successor. As he ventures off to more time in college, I and the rest of the team wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

The floor is yours, Rautakoura.

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Equestrian Dreamers: The Classified Files Part 3

Greetings and salutations to all the people that may read this article. The time is fast approaching where we can finally showcase the results of many hours of dedication and work put in by a lot of very talented people, and I am very excited for you guys to finally see what you have been eagerly waiting for. But for some reason, the head honchos thought you guys would be interested in my story. While I doubt the validity of this statement I will go ahead with it on the off-chance they are right.

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