Visual Artists

Looking to lend your artistic talents to My Little Investigations? You’re in the right place! Here are the positions we have available:

Vector Artist

Vector Artist

The vector artist’s role is to take sketches produced by the concept artist(s) and turn them into finalized sprites that will be used in the game itself. The art style of the sprites must be consistent across all of the vector artists, and, while there is a bit of room for personal flair, must be very near to show-accurate. The required skillset to do this involves knowledge of vectoring programs (Illustrator is preferred, but Inkscape/Ponyscape is acceptable) and the ability to convert a rough sketch into a show-accurate vector. A basic understanding of animation principles is a plus, as all sprites have at least a small amount of animation involved. Some sprites are heavily animated, so a basic knowledge of Flash is also a plus.

If you’re interested in applying to be a vector artist, please send an email to with the subject line

MLI Application – Vector Artist – your name/online alias

and which includes responses to the following questionnaire plus the required sample work below.


How familiar are you with the Ace Attorney Series and MLP:FIM?:
How much free time do you have per day (on average) and on a weekly basis?:
Have you worked on long projects before? What was the experience like and did you work well with that team?:
Experience with graphic design programs:
Experience with vector graphics:
Any other relevant experience:
What is a vector image, and how is it different from a “normal” image?:
Which of these file types can be a vector image? (.png, .tiff, .ai, .gif, .svg, .jpg, .eps, .bmp, .xml):
What does RGB stand for?:
What is a clipping mask?:
Personal Website Links (deviantART, online portfolios, blogs, tumblrs, etc.):

Sample work

Linked here are sketches for different takes on four Twilight Sparkle expressions:


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to turn any three of them into sprites that could be seen in the game. Then you must make a fourth expression of your own choosing that is not one of the six above expressions. These finished expressions should be attached to your email, and should meet the following requirements:

  • Export the vectors at 480×360 using the PNG format.
  • Files should be named to reflect their corresponding expressions (e.g. “Happy”, “Surprised”, “Infuriated”, “Dark Pony Lord Cthulhu Sparkle”, etc.)
  • Files should be packaged in a zip folder with the name “Dialogue Character Expressions – your name/online”.
  • Including the vector files in the zip folder is purely optional.


  • Tracing is allowed, but avoid excessive amounts of it. Limit your tracing only to specific elements that would be tricky to vector from reference or memory (like Cutie Marks, props/costume elements, tricky hair patterns, etc.)
  • Don’t differentiate the expressions simply with minor eye and mouth shape tweaks. Twilight has full use of all her various body parts, and she uses up to all of them to convey an emotion. Liven that pony up!
  • Have fun picking out your fourth expression, but please keep it within what could be seen in the show. You can push the bounds in the name of a fun, light-hearted expression (for example, showing Twilight getting comedically drunk on apple cider), but don’t let it get too extreme.
  • If you are having trouble making your vector look perfect, don’t be afraid to use the show for reference. The snipping tool is your friend. Also, vector collections such as the MLP-VectorClub that pride themselves on show accuracy can also be good sources.


Hey everypony! Are you tired of waiting to join Equestrian Dreamers? Well, today might be your lucky day then! We have decided that more assistance is required for My Little Investigations. And because of that, we are proud to announce that we have opened up recruitment once more for the position of animator! So, there are probably many questions buzzing around in your minds right now. Let us put them to rest right now!

What will be my role as the new animator?

Initially, we’ll have you work with our current animators to get you some initial work to get you settled in with the process and to get you acquainted with and integrated in with the rest of the team. Once we’re satisfied with your progress on that initial work and with your ability to produce work up to the level of quality expected for the game, we’ll then divide up the work that’s remaining for animators to include you in the schedule along with the other animators. You’ll primarily be working on animating characters in the field and background elements, although if animators are especially motivated, there’ll almost certainly be opportunities for more complex animation as well, similar to the Diamond Dogs’ breakdown animation from the first case.

What skills do I need for the job?

As the new animator for Equestrian Dreamers, you are expected to have the following skills prior to joining:

  • Experience with 2D traditional animation or 2D motion design animation. Preferably, we would like you have some experience with pony, human, effects and graphical design/motion animation.
  • The ability to emulate a specific animation and drawing style – we need our new animator’s work to be able to fit in well with the work that has already been established.
  • A prompt attitude and determination to finish all given assignments.
  • Taking criticism for the betterment of your work.
  • Enough free time to be able to complete your assignments within a reasonable time without undue stress.
  • Regular communication via Skype, email, and/or posts on the forum. Hearing from our team members regularly ensures that we know that they’re on track and not encountering any problems or difficulties.
  • A passion to animate and a creative mind!

What do I need to submit to join Equestrian Dreamers?

If you’d like to apply, please send an email to with the subject line

MLI Application – Animator – your name/online alias

and include the following items.

  • Answers to this short questionnaire:

How familiar are you with the Ace Attorney series and MLP:FIM?:
How much free time do you have per day (on average) and on a weekly basis?:
Have you worked on long projects before? What was the experience like, and did you work well with that team?:

  • Links to your previous work in animation. Videos, deviantART, etc. Or, you can just attach them to the email if you so desire.
  • Your submission to the following test.

Animation Test

We request that you animate either a square or cube finding a circle or ball. The frame rate should be either 24 or 25 FPS. Also, please keep your submissions between 3 and 10 seconds! Those are the only requirements. The rest is up to your interpretation. Be as creative as you like – the more the better!

That’s it for now! Best of luck and we look forward to welcoming one of you to join our team!