Music & Sound Design

Calling all musically inclined ponies! Can you compose emotionally evocative music? Then Equestrian Dreamers wants to hear from you! The audio in any game is its emotional heart and soul, so we need your talents to help My Little Investigations have the biggest heart it can. See below for the positions that we currently have available.



Feel it! Composers will be responsible for creating all of the background music in MLI. The music in most any form of combined media has always been a driving force behind the emotional impact in a scene, so your job here will be to tailor musical tracks to the various different scenes in MLI such that the emotion within the music is in concert with the emotions gleaned by the player through the events or character actions therein. Composers can expect to create several different pieces of music of a variety of emotional flavors – the best composer is one who really appreciates the emotional power in a great piece of music.

Composers should:

  • Be able to create emotionally evocative background music.
  • Be able to compose music such that it seamlessly loops.
  • Be able to compose music with multiple different kinds of emotional feelings.

If you’d like to be considered for this position, please send an email to stating as much, with the subject “MLI Application – Composer – <Your Screen Name>”. Include examples of past work that illustrates the skills listed above. For optional extra credit, you can also additionally create new music based on any of the following prompts, and submit that with your application as well as an MP3, although this is not required:

  • Twilight’s talking animation with a normal expression.
  • Scootaloo’s idle animation with a nervous expression, as though she’s about to get caught in a lie.
  • Rarity’s surprised animation, in which she’s taken aback by revelatory new information.

New music only needs to be 30-60 seconds in length in order to get the idea across; you do not need to compose an entire song here.

Finally, please also include in your application email brief responses to the following questionnaire. Trust us that there are no wrong answers here and that no answer will disqualify your candidacy; this is just to ensure that we have the information we need to make the best informed decisions possible:

1. How familiar are you with the Ace Attorney series and MLP:FiM?
2. How much free time do you have per day (on average) and on a weekly basis?
3. Have you worked on long projects with others before? What was the experience like, and did you work well with that team?