Music & Sound Design

Looking to lend your audio talents to My Little Investigations? You’re in the right place! Here is the position we have available:

Audio Engineer

As the audio engineer, you will be responsible for, well, making sure everything audio related is as clean and creatively expressive as possible. You will primarily have three responsibilities. First, you’re going to have to balance out and adjust both the music and voice files so that they work well together. This involves anything from removing unnecessary, background sounds from audio files to adjusting volume levels, and adding echo effects to Twilight’s inner monologue lines. Second, you’re partially responsible for the implementation of sound effects, musical cues, and pauses/silences in the game’s script. You will do this by working with ZeusAssassin and Trot Pilgrim and figure out where you want any of the above audio features in the script. Lastly, you’ll be responsible for cutting up and properly labeling files for the game, as well as making any SFX that come up. As with all positions, constant communication with the team and its directors is of utmost importance.

So, you might be thinking why we are looking for an audio engineer? Well, something that many people noticed about the demo is that its audio was not as high quality as it could have been. Plus, the game is rather bare for people playing without voices, as it’s missing important sound effects that really bring life to the game. The Ace Attorney franchise truly thrives on its implementation and manipulation of sound effects, and we wish to do all we can to capture that same creative style and flair that the fans have come to know and love. We also realized that this is a lot of work that simply none of us on the team is able to do right now. Instead of increasing the work load on the few people that we do have and risking extending development for too long, we decided it would be best to give an aspiring audio engineer good, relevant experience via MLI. And although there is much to do with this job, we will make sure that you receive as much creative freedom as you need to work properly in this role. We simply expect the very best from you and to be passionate about your work.

The audio engineer’s job will be to create, edit, and organize audio in the game. That includes dialogue and sound effects. Dialogue must be edited to sound consistent, and sound effects must be edited to fit in with the rest of the scene. To do this, you will need a basic understanding of digital audio workstations, file formats, and effects.

If you’re interested in applying to be an audio engineer, please send an email to with the subject line

MLI Application – Audio Engineer – your name/online alias

and which includes responses to the following questionnaire.


How familiar are you with the Ace Attorney series and MLP:FIM?
How much free time do you have per day (on average) and on a weekly basis?
Have you worked on long projects before? What was the experience like and did you work well with that team?
List what kind of experience you have working with audio:
List the DAWs and operating systems that you use:
What does sample rate mean?
What does bit depth mean?
What are some differences between WAV and MP3, and when would you use each?
Describe what an EQ is used for:
Describe what a compressor is used for:
List any questions or comments you have for Trot Pilgrim, the audio director: