Meet the Voice Actors 2 + Philo Reed’s Theme

Hello, everypony! We’ve got some more stuff for you that you might like. At times when they weren’t busy with Case 2-related matters, our team has been working on putting together a sequel to our Meet the Voice Actors video from case 1. As before, we’ve put our new characters in a situation that lets each of them in turn have a spot where their voice actor gets to whet your appetite for case 2. And as a special bonus, we’ve also released the second piece of background music from case 2, that being Philo Reed’s theme, which is featured in the Meet the Voice Actors 2 video.


Meet the characters: Philo Reed

Hello again, everypony! Our previous post introduced everyone to case 2 in general, but today, we’d like to go a bit more in-depth by beginning to get people acquainted a bit more with the characters that you’ll be encountering in case 2 who weren’t seen in case 1. We’ll start with Philo Reed, detective at large, and work our way through the roster from there, one character at a time. In case 2, Philo will be making Twilight’s life troublesome, but for right now, we’re just talking to him, pony-to-pony. But before that, everypony say hello to the lovely interviewer whom we’ve enlisted to help us with this!

Hello, everypony! Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Well, Philo’s all ready for you. Take it away, interviewer.

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Case 2: Twilight’s case notes

Hello, everypony! It’s been a while. A, uh, long while.

As development on case 2 got underway, we kind of fell out of the habit of posting here, until not posting became its own habit. We’re sorry about that. A lot of you have asked whether this project is still ongoing. The answer is most assuredly yes! We haven’t been saying anything, but we’ve still been working on the second case at a steady, if slow, pace. With this post, we’re hoping to break that cycle and start posting again more often. So, without further ado, have some preliminary info about case 2 after the break. More to come later.

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Equestrian Dreamers: The Classified Files Part 5


At long last, it’s time to honor another one of the team’s alumni. This is Rautakoura’s final message to the fans of MLI, so I hope you are ready to hear some more insight from the team! I have nothing but praise for his incredible work in the cutscene art, setting the bar high for his successor. As he ventures off to more time in college, I and the rest of the team wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

The floor is yours, Rautakoura.

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New team members + MLI turns 3!

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! I’m happy to report that we’re finally done processing all of the applications we’ve received for case 2 recruitment. We’ve made final decisions, meaning that if an applicant hasn’t heard from us yet on a position that they applied for, then unfortunately, that means that they did not get that position. Sorry! We had a ton of very talented applicants, and we wish them all the very best, even if we weren’t able to give them a position on our team.

Before we get to that, though, we have a second announcement, as well: as of July 16, My Little Investigations is now three years old! July 16, 2011 marks the day on which I initially created the project file that ultimately ended up starting this whole project, though at the time I had thought that it was just going to be a week-long side project just for my amusement. Amazing how things sometimes just happen like that in life – the initial example post got put on Equestria Daily, I kept working on it, then ZeusAssassin contacted me in August, dawnmew contacted me in November, and we had our first recruitment in December. None of that was planned, but I sure as heck am happy that it all happened as it did. I wouldn’t have traded those three years for anything. To commemorate that anniversary, we’d like to give you just a little sneak peek at some of the stuff we’re working on for case 2, which will be at the bottom of this post.

Before that, however, I’d like to present the full roster of new team members. Please join me in giving them a very warm welcome!

Visual Artists

Vector Artist – Pirill
Animator – Megamanhxh
Cutscene Artist – Poppun

Music & Sound Design

Audio Engineer – ShadTK

Voice Actors

Applejack – Heather Feathersong
Sapphire Shores – Heather Feathersong
Trixie – Heather Feathersong
Lyrica Lilac – Cerridwen
Royal Ribbon – GloryOfTheRainWings

Fluttershy – Carmen
Princess Celestia – AnnaChloeM
Aunt Orange – Icyfire888
Masquerade – Carmen
Jenny Juniper – PrincessRil

Spike – GloryOfTheRainWings

Philo Reed – ThatCanadianDude

Uncle Orange – Mickwhitefire28
Gustave le Grand – DaWillstanator
Caesar – DaWillstanator
Dim Delite – TheHeroOfMobius

And to give you a treat for having read this far, here’s a very early glimpse at some of the stuff we’re working on already for case 2. 🙂

Character art!




That’s all we got for you so far. We look forward to working together with all of these awesome new team members, and we’re looking forward to bringing you an awesome second case!

Applications are now closed!

Sorry for the slightly late post here. Applications for case 2 are now officially closed – thanks to everyone who sent in an application! We’re still processing things, but we’ll let you know as soon as final decisions have been reached. We received a huge number of them, so it’ll still be a little while as we go through them all. Please be patient. 🙂


Voice actor auditions are now closed!

As of this moment, we’re no longer accepting new voice actor auditions. Thanks to everyone who tried out! We’ve had a tremendous turnout, and will take a little while going through all of them. Please be patient as we do so. We’ll keep you posted with updates here.

Applications for visual artists and audio engineers will still be accepted until May 23.

Equestrian Dreamers: The Classified Files Part 4

Today, we spotlight a dedicated and wonderful vector artist of the team, TehJadeh! Before she departs from the team for now, I want to say how much of a pleasure she was to work with for the past 2 years. Gabu, I, and the rest of the team will not forget her contributions to this project, and thus, we’ll be creating a new section in the “The Team” tab honoring all former team members. More names of members leaving the team will be posted as the days go by, so stayed tuned to that.

And without further ado, take it away, TehJadeh!

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Case 2 recruitment is now open!

Hello, everyone!

I have exciting news to relay to you all: as of this moment, recruitment for positions for case 2 is officially open! I know that quite a few people have been antsy to join our team and lend their talents to making MLI as good as it can be, so here’s your chance! We have a number of positions open, so I hope that everyone can find something that they can do. 🙂

Here’s what we have open – information about the positions and instructions on how to apply can be found on each page (click the headers to go to the page):

Visual artists

Vector artist
Cutscene artist

Music & sound design

Audio engineer

Voice actors

(Explanation of each role can be found by clicking the link above.)

Female roles

Larger roles

Sapphire Shores
Lyrica Lilac
Royal Ribbon

Smaller roles

Princess Celestia
Aunt Orange
Jenny Juniper (OC)

Male or female roles

Smaller roles


Male roles

Larger roles

Philo Reed (OC)

Smaller roles

Uncle Orange
Gustave le Grand
Dim Delite (OC)

As stated in the recruitment pages, we’re accepting applications until May 23 (May 16 for voice actor roles). Best of luck to you all!

A few words

Hi, all!

Now that the dust has settled a little bit following the release of case 1, we’ll be opening up recruitment for case 2 very soon – so be on the lookout for that! However, before that goes live, I wanted to just say a few things in reflection before we move forward.

As of this writing, the first case of MLI has been downloaded over 14,000 times. The soundtrack has been downloaded over 2,000 times, and a number of contributions from multiple people have been made in our GitHub source repository to date. It’s been reviewed well by both Equestria Daily and Equestria Gaming, and have received countless amounts of feedback from fans, the vast majority of it overwhelmingly positive. It’s safe to say that people are really enjoying MLI, and that’s really been awesome to see.

Being able to work on MLI has been a dream come true for me. That’s not something I say lightly; being able to work on a video game has been a dream of mine since I was basically six years old. So, I’d really like to thank several people for this wonderful opportunity before we carry on.

First, I’d like to thank ZeusAssassin, who’s been my wingman on this project for years now. It’s safe to say that this project wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for everything he’s done for it. He’s always an awesome sounding board with whom I can always reliably bounce ideas off of; he keeps the team running smoothly like a well-oiled machine; and he’s always a great motivating factor no matter what.

Second, I’d like to thank Equestria Daily, who’ve supported this project since day 1. It’s safe to say that this project also wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for that support, either – without the exposure that they’ve graciously provided to MLI, it almost certainly would’ve just faded away, as I never expected it to grow to the scale that it is today when I initially started work on it.

Third, I’d like to thank dawnmew, who was a huge technical help early on in the project. She made it pretty clear that I didn’t really have much of an idea what I was doing, and was instrumental in helping getting both the coding framework and the case storage to a sane state of affairs. MLI might’ve existed without her, but it certainly would’ve been way worse.

Fourth, I’d like to thank the team of incredibly talented individuals who helped turn this project from just an idea written down in text into what it is today. From the visual side, that’s WarpOut, HallowGazer, TehJadeh, Abion47, Pony Tim, PonyArtist, and Rautakoura; from the audio side, that’s Trot Pilgrim and X-Trav; and from the voice acting side, that’s PrincessRil, LoveKiku, BreeFaith, DivinexRose, Flootershai, ThatCanadianDude, and HoodedYellowPony. Every one of you should be so proud of what you’ve done for this project.

And fifth, I’d like to thank you – you, reading this post. Without an audience to play this game and enjoy it, it’d be really hard to keep going. Seeing people enjoying this game so much makes it really easy to know 100% that all the effort put into it was completely and totally worthwhile.

Thank you, all of you. You’re all amazing, and I love you all. 🙂

OK, that’s it for my spiel. Thanks for reading. See you all when we kick off our case 2 recruitment!