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Author Topic: Forum Guidelines (READ FIRST!)  (Read 9901 times)


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Forum Guidelines (READ FIRST!)
« on: January 03, 2012, 09:21:08 PM »

Hello, everypony!  Welcome to the forums!  I hope you all have a fantastically wonderiffic time here, and in order to facilitate that, we just have a few basic regulations we'd like our members to abide by that should keep everything running smoothly.

  • We're all bronies here, so everyone should uphold the best of what that word means.  That means please be respectful of others at all times.  You shouldn't feel shy when giving your opinion on something; we just ask that you do so in a way that doesn't cause others to feel attacked or to get defensive.
  • Please, no trolling (posting messages you know or should know will get a negative response), no flaming (mounting personal attacks against other users), and no drama (getting publicly upset over things in a sustained fashion, airing private angsts in public, etc.).  That sort of thing doesn't make for a fun community experience for anyone.
  • Please refrain from posting threads or making posts dealing with inherently controversial topics, such as politics, etc.  There are many places online to discuss those sorts of things, but given that they're almost certainly going to lead to bad blood between participants, we'd prefer it if people did so elsewhere.
  • Please keep profanity to a minimum, out of respect for those who might not like it.  If in doubt, don't use it.
  • Despite the name, please don't literally spam the spam forum - i.e., don't just post pointless nonsense there.  That forum should be for any sort of silly, mindless fun.
  • Please don't use these forums to attack, complain about, or otherwise call out other users.  Take any arguments you may have to private messages, either to the user in question or to a moderator.
  • Please keep graphic imagery or textual descriptions off the forum.  That means nudity, depictions of sexual acts or taboo bodily functions, highly graphic violence and gore (bodies being torn apart, organs being splattered, etc.), and anything else not safe for work is strictly forbidden, whether in an image or textual form.  Anything saucy or questionable but not explicitly against these rules should be put in a spoiler tag and clearly marked as such.
  • If you do witness anyone breaking any of the above rules, please don't confront them in the threads. Use the report or private messaging function to let our moderators know, and they will deal with it as soon as they can.
  • No harassing fellow posters. Not everyone reacts the same, and not everyone has your sense of humor. If you don't know if they'll take it as a joke, don't do it. If you harass someone in this manner knowing they'll get mad, you are trolling, and will be dealt with as such.
  • The moderators exist to serve the community, and at times, decisions may need to be made to preserve the state of the community that not everyone may agree with.  Bringing up concerns or suggestions in good faith is perfectly fine; however, moderators' decisions are, in the end, final, and harassing or berating anyone for a decision that one does not like will not be tolerated.

Note that these rules are purposefully left subjective, in order to allow moderators sufficient leeway to enforce the spirit of the rules rather than being bound by their strict letter.  If you feel that you have been moderated unfairly, you may respectfully discuss it in private, but please respect moderators' decisions following having done so, as any such decisions are final.

That's about it!  I hope everyone enjoys their time in our humble forum. :)  Thanks!
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