Recruiting: Audio Engineer

Hello hello!

For personal reasons, our current audio engineer has unfortunately had to step down from his position in the team, so we’re presently in need to fill that position. If you’d like to be in charge of ensuring that all of the voices in the game sound just right, and that all of the dialog lines are properly punctuated with sound effects to give the second case that classic punch from start to finish, we’d like to hear from you! Don’t be shy. 🙂

Head on over here to learn how to apply. Please send all applications to, as well as any queries or questions about applying.

Thanks so much!


8 thoughts on “Recruiting: Audio Engineer

  1. I would but I am way to busy so can’t help sorry but when do you think it’s gonna come out it’s been a long time since case 1 came out

  2. We need more applicants please. This is a crucial job to ensure the VA lines are properly implemented in game!

  3. well can i know details what what i should do? maaaybe i will be helping (do i sound so unprofessional? because i am not)

    • Making SFX? umm i am not experienced with those things at all.
      also adding musical cues and silences? as in?
      also there are some questions in your questionaire that i dunno(i have to research to answer)

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