Meet the characters: Masquerade

Hello, everypony! Today, we’ve got another interview with a case 2 character for you. Last time, we gave you Royal Ribbon, a waitress at the Grand Gastronomie du Griffon. Today, we’ve got Masquerade, her co-worker.

Are you all set, interviewer?


Then let’s get to it!


Profession: Waitress

Employer: Grand Gastronomie du Griffon

Likes: Quiet, order

Dislikes: Chaos

So, let’s start with the basics. Masquerade, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?
Well, *yaaawn* there isn’t really much to tell. I’m pretty, y’know, boring.
*ahem* Well, at least in my experience, nopony has NOTHING interesting about them. I understand you’re a waitress – how do you find that? Do you do anything outside waitressing?
Oh. Um, well, it’s all right, I suppose.
It’s a nice place, though the dinner rush can be a bit… much. I like it when it’s quieter.
I’m also a math major at the University of Manehattan. So, uh, I guess that’s something. Maybe.

Really! What got you into that?
Well… I like it, I guess.
It makes sense, y’know? The world’s all complex and messy. But everything in math is nice and well-behaved.
If you know how things started, and you know how things work… then you’ve *yawn* got everything.
It’s neat. Especially seeing it in action.
Anything in particular you’re hoping to do with your degree?
I dunno. I mean, I’m in Manehatten, so there’s a lot of financial or actuarial stuff around. But that sounds… eh.
I was thinking… maybe something in statistics?
So many always get it so wrong.
But, we’ll see what we have when I graduate. Gotta be something out there, right?

On a similar note, I was talking earlier to Royal Ribbon. She’s your roommate, right?
Do you get along with her?
Uhhh… how would I put it?
I… suppose I… tolerate her?
Eh… no, that sounds worse than it really is.
She’s nice, she’s just… enthusiastic.
She means well. And she’s always supportive of everything. She’s just… a bit much, sometimes.
But, I mean, I could do worse as roommates go, I guess. When I really need space, she seems to get it.

Does she… actually do the pom-pom cheering thing at your finals?
Oh, Celestia, yes. *siiiiigh*
To be perfectly honest, I… can’t bring myself to ask her to stop.
It just seems to make her so happy, y’know?
Do you have anything else you do for a hobby?
Well… musicals, mostly. I’m originally from Fillydelphia, and came here for university.
I never saw a musical before I first came here, but when I saw my first one… I was hooked pretty quickly.
What got you started?
Well, the first musical I ever saw was Princess Celestia Superstar.
Then, after that, I think it was Manespray and Les Poneys Misérables that really got me hooked.
A week ago I caught On Your Hooves! It was… pretty good, but it wasn’t my favorite.
*laughs* It wasn’t “THE BEST MUSICAL EVER”?
*chuckle* I’m not Royal Ribbon, y’know.
But yeah. It was good.
I don’t make a ton of money at the restaurant, so you gotta prioritize. And I like musicals.

What all do you like about musicals?
I dunno, honestly. They just kinda speak to me, y’know?
The really good ones, I can really get lost in them… tune everything out, just let it wash over me.
It’s kind of magical in its own right.
Musicals are magic?
*laugh* Yeah, let’s go with that.
Any words for our audience before we wrap this up?
Mmm… nah. I think I’ve bored everyone enough already. *yawn*
Well, I suppose that’s that! Thanks for being with us, Masquerade!
Oh, uh, yeah. No problem.

12 thoughts on “Meet the characters: Masquerade

  1. I can’t wait for case two. Hopefully another pkgbuild will be available from the AUR with case 2. I don’t want to have to use wine or playonlinux. They both suck. 🙁

  2. I dig the direction you’re taking this character. She’s actually one of my favorite background ponies. Though the similarities to Cammy Meele make me wary… XD

  3. Overworked, really into math and musicals? I guess I’m biased but that character seems really interesting and well-rounded. Though, the name ‘Masquerade’ suggests something might be amiss…

    Anyway, can’t wait for case 2. I’m happy, you’re consistently working on the game :).

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