Welcome our new team members!

Hey all!

Sorry for this post being as late as it was – we got a lot of great vector artist applications – thanks to each and every one of you for applying – but we didn’t get any animator applications, so we had to look for other means of recruiting an animator. Fortunately, we have one now, so it’s my pleasure to introduce

Arken and Yanoda

as our newest vector artists, and

Erick Osborne (Mr. Phoenix)

as our newest animator. We’re looking forward to working with them to bring you the best second case we can!

Now that we’ve wrapped up recruitment, we’ll be getting back to our “Meet the Characters” series in the future. Watch this space!

13 thoughts on “Welcome our new team members!

    • I’m afraid we’re not yet at the stage where I’d feel comfortable giving an estimate. Work on all parts of the case is coming along, but with this being an all-volunteer team, it wouldn’t be fair to the team members to commit to a date with as much as we still have left to do.

  1. Yeah! This game’s finally moving along! I’ve been there from the very start and I’m really excited for what’s to come with these new team members!

  2. Wow, you didn’t even get one animator application? I knew it was a tough market out there, but I didn’t realize just how tough.

    Regardless, congratulations on the new recruits!

  3. Wow, i’m very glad you guys got the new member!! Welcome for him and hope you guys keep your hard working at the game!! And I don’t spect less than this!! Cheering for you guys!!!

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