Everfree Northwest panels posted!

(UPDATE: The Games Ponies Play video has been reposted; the previous version was taken down.)

Hi all,

As indicated in a previous post, MLI had representation at two panels at Everfree Northwest earlier this month. Both panels have now been posted to Everfree Network‘s YouTube channel, so we’re now able to post them for you to enjoy. The first one is Games Ponies Play, a general gaming panel that I attended, and the second is the My Little Investigations panel that occurred later that day. Enjoy!

Equestrian Dreamers: The Classified Files Part 1

Hello dearest fans, both recent and old, of My Little Investigations. As the first case edges closer to completion each and every day, we have decided to share something new and unique. Starting today, various members of Equestrian Dreamers shall be releasing a multi-part series on our individual experiences throughout the development of the game. Brace yourselves for an inside, personal look at our roles in the project, the challenges we have overcome along the way, and our feelings about our time so far with the team!

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MLI at Everfree Northwest this Saturday!

Oh, hi! It’s been a while!

The good news, which a lot of you have been asking about, is that we’re still hard at work – it’s just that for a few reasons (not the least of which being that we just didn’t have much to show that wouldn’t be a spoiler of some sort) we haven’t had much to say. However, we are getting there, and a final release is starting to come into view in the not too distant future. So, watch this space! We’ve got a number of posts lined up before that to hopefully tide you over until then, too, that will start up once Everfree Northwest is done.

Speaking of Everfree Northwest, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that MLI will be at Everfree Northwest! In two panels, even! We’ll be taking part in Games Ponies Play: Making Games that Players Enjoy at 1 PM, and then we have our own panel at 5 PM on the same day. If you’ll be attending, stop on by! We’ll be happy to see you!

Catch you later!