Happy new year!

…Well, a belated new year, at least. Hi all! GabuEx here. I hope you all had a great winter holiday season, a great new year’s celebration, and a great 2012 in general.

We’re still hard at work behind the scenes, but to keep you interested and your appetites whetted, I thought we’d release a few teaser screenshots from sections not seen before from case 1. Nothing spoiler-y; we’re still keeping the story itself under wraps to ensure that you aren’t bored when case 1 is released – but, hopefully, these should intrigue you enough for now while we work on getting case 1 completed.

(And no, please don’t ask about release dates – we’ll let you know when we’re prepared to commit to something that won’t result in us working 39-hour days to get things completed. :P)

Find the screenshots after the break! Continue reading