New Scootaloo voice actor

Hi all,

It’s with a bit of sadness that I have to announce that TehJadeh, our Scootaloo VA, has had to step down from that role, owing to insufficient time. However, don’t worry – we’re still full speed ahead; DivinexRose, our Rainbow Dash VA, has agreed to step up and fill that role, and we have no doubt that she’ll do as lovely a job as TehJadeh would’ve. And TehJadeh will still be filling her dialog character artist role that she does so well, so no worries about any impact there, either.

As a little preview, here are a few of the tracks that she’s done for us already:

We’d like to thank TehJadeh for the work she’s done for us already, and DivinexRose as well for taking on this role at such short notice! You two are both awesome.

MLI turns 1, goes to Everfree!

Hi all! GabuEx here.

Haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been? We’ve been great.

Today is a bit of a special day for My Little Investigations, because the project has officially turned one year old. One year ago today, I created a new XNA project in Visual Studio for an idea that I had. Then, a few days later, I sent what I had created thus far to Equestria Daily, just since I figured I had nothing to lose. And, well, the rest has been history. This project has far surpassed all of my wildest expectations when I first started that XNA project, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It wouldn’t have gotten here without everypony’s love and support, so thank you to everyone for helping to get us this far. And it certainly wouldn’t have gotten here without the wonderful hard work of the team, either – so thank you to them as well, for everything they’ve already done on the project.

On that note, now seems as good a time to make another announcement regarding MLI!

Everfreee NW Logo

You would’ve already seen this had you gone to the Everfree Northwest website, but I’d like to officially announce it here, as well: My Little Investigations will be appearing at Everfree Northwest! We had somewhat of a presence at BronyCon a few weeks ago, but this time around we’ll have a full hour-long panel, hosted by yours truly and ZeusAssassin, at which we’ll be talking about MLI and showing some never-before-seen gameplay from the first case. You can look forward to that when Everfree Northwest comes around on August 17-19!