Case 1 demo patch 1 released

A bit of an update since our last post – we’ve just put live a new version of the case 1 demo, which you get can here.

The list of changes since the initial release are as follows:

  • Twilight’s voice during the Rarity interrogation has been fixed.  Previously, the audio files had a bitrate of 48000 Hz but were being played back at 44100Hz, causing Twilight’s voice to be audibly lower in pitch than it should’ve been.  The audio files now have the correct bitrate of 44100 Hz.
  • Rarity’s voice has been toned down; she no longer speaks with THIS MUCH VOLUME WHEN ADDRESSING HER SUBJECTS.
  • A POTENTIAL fix for the data folder issue has been implemented, although no promises are made – without local reproductions of the issue on our own computers, it’s impossible for us to know for sure.  If not, we’ll keep at it.
  • The launcher now opens a window before actually launching the game, during which several options can be selected:
    • You can now choose between frame rate caps of 30, 60, and 120 FPS.  Choosing a frame rate cap of 30 may improve performance a little for lower-end machines, while choosing a frame rate cap of 120 may improve quality a little for higher-end machines.
    • In the event of an error during gameplay, you can now opt to save a log of the game’s status and command line output, which can be sent to us (well, to Dawn) in the hopes that it might provide us better insight regarding the cause of technical issues people are running into.
    • Also included are options to account for hardware differences – you can now disable shared contexts and PBuffers.  If you don’t know what those mean, don’t worry – in layman’s terms, they’re effectively optimizations to speed up loading and make the loading screen more responsive.  That’s good, but they’re not supported by all machines, and although we’ve implemented logic that should account for a lack of support of these technologies, you can still opt to just turn them right off to see if that helps anything, if you’re running into technical problems.  Let us know if turning these off does improve things – that’s valuable information for us.
  • Finally, we’ve changed the fonts used in the game.  We do this reluctantly, but after discovering potential legal issues with the ones that were previously in use, we’ve opted in order to ensure there will be no problem to change the fonts to ones that are guaranteed to be free for use.  We’ve done our best to find as close an approximation of the fonts that were previously in use as we could.  Try to take a bit to get used to the new fonts, and if after a while you still decide you don’t like them, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do about that.

This doesn’t fix EVERY issue that has been reported to us, of course – it only fixes the ones that were fixable in a brief period of time.  Rest assured that we will be addressing all of it in due time.

Thanks to everyone so much for all your kind support and wonderful feedback thus far! You all are grade-A awesome.

33 thoughts on “Case 1 demo patch 1 released

  1. – I see now. And I thought Twilight sounded tired and slow when she was interogating Rarity, speeding it up a bit seemed to have solved it. But still, Twilight`s voice at that part could have its volume knob raised up a bit, her voice seems a bit overshadowed by the music, mostly on that last part. So far Apple Bloom and Rarity`s voices are quite clear.
    – By fonts you mean…? the text?

    • I’m assuming you’re talking about the data folder problem?
      Did you put the jar in a subdirectory of Program Files?
      Because you might need to put it somewhere else so it has permission to write to that
      folder. It worked for me in My Documents, but not under Program Files. 😀

  2. Yay! Disabling the shared contexts option made it work for me! Aside from a few other glitches that’re to be expected of a demo like this, the game’s pretty awesome so far…can’t wait for the release of the full game! 😀

  3. Okay, what button do I have to press to get the game to advance? I’ve tried all the buttons on my keyboard but I can never get past Twilight asking Rarity what happened.

    • I figured it out. I had to uninstall all versions of Java, reboot, remove all Java directories including the ones in my user folder, then install Java 7 update 4. Then it finally let me advance by clicking the mouse.

  4. Saw this on youtube and didnt know it had a demo
    Very nice game, needs alot of thinking
    I had to look up a walkthrough on the last part XD

  5. I’ve solved my problem with invisible “data” folder. I’ve just updated my drivers to graphic card. Maybe you should try it if you have this problem?

    P.S. The demo is good and pleasing to the eye. 🙂

  6. Looks great so far, but I can’t play all the way through. I’ve tried three times and it keeps crashing part way. Two were at the same time (When scootaloo gets updated again after rarity realizes someone else let opal out of the house). Hope that helps. When this happens the game just closes for me. The first time it crashed it just ended up freezing somewhere.

    • Sorry, I found the explanation for this in the read me >_> I’ll try the fix and let you know if I find anything else after.

      Still, the game looks great so far, keep up the good work!

      • I moved a 32 bit version of Java to the top of the list and tried again, but it crashed at the exact same place.. it’s actually soon after scootaloo gets updated when Twilight is saying the case will be interesting.. I was just trying to remember how to identify the location to you before. I’ll entirely uncheck the other version of Java and see if that fixes it.

        • I found a java update that didn’t show up earlier. I updated that hoping it would fix it but it still didn’t. Yeah.. the crash is always at the same place.. I think Twilight is just about to finish speaking when it happens (as I said this is the conversation where you convince Rarity that Scootaloo was not the first person to enter her boutique that night.) The last two times I tested things to see if they fixed it I noticed a loud buzzer sound when it failed right before it closed on me.

          • That’s because that isn’t a bug — that’s the end of the demo! 😛

            Sorry it wasn’t all that clear. We found an issue with restarting the game at the last second, and the only fix we could think of was to close the game instead of restarting it. We know it’s a bit abrupt, and we’ll try to have something a little clearer in place for the next demo!

  7. I love this demo. Its so much fun!
    But is it suppose to crash and close at the end of the interrogation with Rarity? o-o;

  8. The game is looking good so far. I have a suggestion, though I don’t know if it has been brought up on the forums as I haven’t really read them that much or even if you have considered it already. I was wondering if you might change the way the evidence screen works. Mayhaps change it so that you don’t have to click an item to see it’s information, instead displaying the information of an item when your cursor is over it. That would reduce the amount of clicking one has to do. Also, when there is only one possible option, like combining, having a separate button for that might be redundant. Instead, combining could be the default action with a left click in the evidence screen on the “map” and presenting the evidence during discussions. This is of course assuming the “hover over – get info” thingie goes through.

    Feel free to disregard if it has been brought up already or you just feel it wouldn’t work. It’s just something a friend of mine brought up when I showed him the demo. Looking forward to future updates!

  9. You. Must. Give. Me. The. SCRIPTING.
    XD I don’t know what you used to make the game, but if you used adobe Flash then 1) you’re amazing, and 2) GiVEZ MOI THE CONTROL CODES. XD But really, I’m making a game, and I’m still trying to learn Actionscript.
    I really want to be able to make a game with these controls. I’d give you guys credit and everything, I just have no idea how to even make the character turn on command, no matter how many ActionScript tutorials I search for.

  10. Hy everupony… i have a little problem… emmm, when i talk to Applebloom the first time, the game Freezes… what should i do?, i play it on 60 frames, as far as the game goes is preatty well and runs preatty decent, but when i talked to applebloom on the Town hall, i get stuck there, the music continues to play and i cant click on any option, somepony… anypony, HELP ME! D:
    ( im so frustrated i can just send my pc to the moon!! )

  11. I just want to start out by saying that I’m a huge Ace Attorney fan. I’ve recently been playing the Touhou Ace Attorney game and it reminded me of the Friendship is Magic project to make My little Investigations, so I checked up on the status and found out there was a demo.

    It blew. Me. Away.

    You guys captured the Ace Attorney style so perfectly, so flawlessly, that it was as if Capcom made it themselves. Keep up the fantastic work. I’m surprised you guys put in VA but personally I love that you gave us the choice to turn it off in favor of the traditional scrolling text sounds. I egarly await the full game. I’d love to donate if Its ever available.

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