Meet the Voice Actors!

Hi, all!

In order to get the voice actors for case 1 immediately to work, we all agreed that a fun project to do might be to do a little promo video to feature the voice actors that you’ll be hearing from in the case. I’m happy to report that it’s now done, so here it is for you to enjoy:

We hope to have more from you soon, but we hope this might tide you over until then!

We have a team! …And a forum!

Hello, everypony!

First off, I’d like to announce that we now have a forum! We’ve already had a few people ask us for this, so we figured, why not? If you’d like to chat with us or other fans about MLI, about MLP:FiM, or just about anything in general, drop on by! Everypony welcome! 🙂

But that’s not what you’re primarily here for, is it? You’re all here because you’re wondering about the team that’s now been assembled! Well, wonder no longer. I’ve already sent invitations to everyone who’s been selected to join the team, so if you haven’t yet received an invitation, unfortunately, that means that you weren’t selected for this recruitment cycle. Before I give big shout-outs to our new team members, however, I’d first like to say a few words to those who weren’t selected. As I said before, please, please don’t take it personally – all of you are very talented, and this recruitment was filled with many, many tough decisions. You have my hearty encouragement, if you weren’t selected this time around, absolutely not to give up, as I have no doubt that all of you will be able to find ample opportunity wherever you go in life.

That said, here are the new members of our team. I encourage everyone to give them all a big super duper Pinkie Pie welcome!

HallowGazer – Dialog Character Artist
WarpOut – Field Character Artist
PonyArtist – Background & Prop Artist
Rautakoura – Cutscene Artist

Trot Pilgrim – Composer

PrincessRil – Twilight Sparkle
LoveKiku – Rarity, Sweetie Belle
BreeFaith – Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom
DivinexRose – Rainbow Dash
TehJadeh – Scootaloo
Flootershai – The Mayor
ThatCanadianDude – Rover
HoodedYellowPony – Fido, Spot

You can find out more about all of them by visiting our team page. I’m sure you’ll be hearing or seeing from them soon! 🙂

Applications are now closed!

…Well, technically speaking they’ve been closed for about a day now and I’m only just now posting about it, but who’s counting?

I’d just like to say one thing to everyone who’s applied so far: wow. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I don’t think I was remotely expecting a turnout this large. To give a brief summary, over the course of the past month, we’ve received applications from ninety unique individuals, and have received over 360 MB of material that applicants have provided for us to look through or listen to. Those are… pretty big numbers, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, that also means that we have a rather larger number of applicants than there are positions, which means that the next step is the unfortunately necessary process of identifying those candidates who’d be a good fit for Equestrian Dreamers. That’ll be happening over the course of this week. Before decisions are made, though, I just wanted to make one thing clear in advance: those who aren’t selected should categorically not take that as an indication or a suggestion that their work isn’t good enough or anything like that. There are a lot of tough decisions in here, and a good portion of the decision rests not so much on absolute quality but rather appropriateness – i.e., how much the style of what applicants have presented matches that which has been pictured for MLI. Every and every one of you who submitted something is awesome, and I have no doubt that those who aren’t picked will certainly find many other opportunities down the road. There’s a lot of awesome stuff in here.

I also additionally have to apologize for having not sent individual responses to everyone who sent in applications – I would’ve liked to, but given the sheer number of applications we’ve gotten, that just wasn’t feasible. I will hopefully be getting around to responding to people who requested a response about their performance, though, once final decisions are made regarding recruitment. Sincere apologies to those who specifically asked for one and haven’t yet received one; I feel quite bad about having not answered them to date.

Thanks again to everyone for your amazing support thus far. We’ll have more info for you very soon.